changing how i feel by changing a meal

Today’s post is sponsored by Smoothie King, but my content and love for their Meal Replacement Smoothies is all my own! Take the challenge as part of a low-calorie diet and daily exercise program. Weight loss depends on individual needs.


Since my darling LS has come into this world, I have felt pretty frumpy. The C-section healing process was so drawn out and complicated that I didn’t want to set any weight goals for myself – especially while I was breastfeeding. The problem then became lack of restraint when it came to food. True, breastfeeding made me hungrier at first, but as I am about to hit my third month, my body has adjusted and my sweet tooth is taking it’s toll.



When I was approached about Smoothie King’s Change A Meal program, I was immediately intrigued. Daniel and I love our neighborhood Smoothie King! And now that we have a kid, the drive-through has saved us [specifically me] from hauling the carrier inside to place an order.

The Change A Meal Challenge allows you to choose from over 20 different Meal Replacement shakes, all under 400 calories, with up to 10 grams of protein. My absolute favorite has been the Pineapple Mango Greek Yogurt smoothie. You’re supposed to replace one meal a day with a smoothie and I chose breakfast because I feel like it’s where I do poorly since having LS. I’m usually scrambling to grab something quick before I breastfeed in the morning, which ends up making me hungrier, which leads to excessive snacking. Along with a more nutritious and filling breakfast, I also have more energy!



Along with the meal replacement, you’re supposed to add 30 minutes of exercise into your day. I’m a pretty active person, so this part wasn’t too difficult, especially since I’m really taking advantage of my jogging stroller! LS has been so much more alert lately, it’s been a joy watching her examine her surroundings, especially with the sky reflected in her eyes. I know Osa appreciates the stroller, too, because she knows when I bust it out it’s time for a W-A-L-K. 🙂



My birthday is coming up and I am about a pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Hopefully, as I continue Smoothie King’s Change A Meal Challenge I’ll be able to celebrate by then! No pressure, though. I’m already feeling pretty great, and that’s really all that matters!


Are you looking into the Change A Meal Challenge for your own goals? Check out the program and let me know which smoothie I should try next!



p.s. If you post photos of your progress throughout the challenge [#changeameal] you could win a $500 Smoothie King gift card, FitBit, or a bike!



  1. I tried it. They are so good! I was satisfy for hours! thanks a lot for the advise

  2. Smoothie King has always been one of my favorites!!! I love this- I just need a smoothie king closer to my house!!! Angel Food Cake is my favorite 🙂 HAve a great day- glad I found you and your blog!

  3. Wow! A pound from your pre-pregnancy weight, good job! I think I would replace breakfast too, because I’m always in a hurry at bfast and eat really awful food!

  4. Yum! This sounds like a delicious way to get a healthier meal into your day! I’d love to see how it turns out! We don’t have a smoothie king nearby, so we have to make our own!

  5. I need to get back into smoothies. This year has been stressful, and I’ve been tending towards overeating so a quick and filling drink would do the trick.

  6. I wish we had one of these closer to us. This sounds amazing, for now I stick to making my own protein drinks hrmm I wonder perhaps a new business adventure in our area!

  7. I love having smoothies for breakfast since I’m not usually super hungry in the morning but if I don’t have something then I’ll snack all day! Cute post!

  8. We put so much pressure on ourselves to get “back to normal”. It takes 9 months to grow a baby and our amazing bodies go through so much, I think we’re entitled to bask in the glow of our awesomeness for a while after. 😉 You look amazing either way. That being said, smoothies are awesome and I loooove my Ninja Kitchen System for making them at home.

    • thank you! it’s true! i am only talking weight here…it doesn’t really count since this is excluding all the muscle mass i have lost. haha i’m definitely giving myself time to get that back.

  9. It is amazing how many calories get burned while breastfeeding. I’ve dropped so many pounds… but then again my baby eats like a 3+ month year old (he’s half that age)

    It is so easy to eat poorly with a baby. Time can be hard to juggle so it is so easy to just grab some sort of snack bar, which all contain lots of sugar. Carbs are easy, like rice cakes, bread, crackers, so I usually pack in the veggies and fruit into my morning smoothie.

    • i dropped a lot of weight at first but now it seems to be sticking a bit more like my body is used to an “increased” burn and making up for it. so unfair! definitely need to watch what i eat more often – especially in the evening. :-O

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