[supposed] Birth Month

Well, here we are. Waiting.


PB Kids & Hobby Lobby


C’mon little girl! Isn’t it getting a little cramped in there? I mean your dad is 6’3” and my belly just can’t hold all those genes. ha!

It’s taken long enough, but here is the nursery!

There are a few minor supplies we still need to purchase, but other than that, even the hospital bag is packed!


PB Kids & Hobby Lobby

PB Kids & Hobby Lobby

PB Kids & Hobby Lobby

PB Kids & Hobby Lobby


  • Daniel made a couple “storage solutions” out of leftover pallet wood the guys used on the wall.
  • The books are gifts from the baby shower Traci threw us. Although a couple are from the kiddos I used to babysit.
  • Quite a few items in the photo above are from “Tia Sandy.” I feel like everytime I see her she’s got something for her niece!
  • I’m pretty excited about those Sophie teethers – I’ve heard such great things!
  • The framed elephant is the guest list from the shower Sandy had for us. I still need to get the nature-themed one framed from Traci’s!
  • The pallet wood chevrons below are from my cousin Javi. I painted them to add a pop of color.
  • Most of the furniture is from PB Kids [thanks, moms!].
  • Most of the wall decor is from Hobby Lobby [some from Target – including bear lamp!].
  • The rug is from Hayneedle.
  • Prints are from Fracture.
  • Coolest rocker ever thanks to donations from the Cresson [Traci] baby shower crew.


PB Kids & Hobby Lobby

PB Kids & Hobby LobbyPB Kids & Hobby Lobby

PB Kids & Hobby Lobby

PB Kids & Hobby Lobby


I’ve definitely been keeping busy with work, chores, reading, and more work, but am also paying extra close attention to my body in case it starts showing any signs of early labor.

I start my weekly appointments tomorrow [37 weeks!], and am pretty excited for the ultrasound. She’s going to look so huge compared to last time! Or maybe she’ll just be a big ball and we won’t be able to make anything out. Either way, it will be pretty cool.

Waiting, waiting, waiting….


Links to more [in progress] nursery shots:

DIY wood pallet wall  //  “reading”/feeding corner  //  sneak peek 1  //  sneak peek 2

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    • thanks! at first i was afraid it wouldn’t match bc we were originally going to do a “camping” theme, but it defintely goes just fine with what ended up happening. haha

  1. I kept reading ‘coolest rock ever’ and kept looking for a rock, bahaha…anyways. the room turned out so nice! You should do a side-by-side for comparison, so different!

    • good idea! i mean it *was* previously an entirely different room. brown guest room!

  2. Oh the bunting over the cot is so cute – and that chair just looks so comfy!! My hubby tried moving one of our Ikea chairs upstairs but it just wasn’t comfortable enough for feeds.

    • I’m hoping this one is! I know a glider would have been easier for rocking but this one is so cozy! I can def lay in it with baby!

  3. What a cute nursery! I remember getting to the point of having weekly appointments–so exciting! Good luck and enjoy your little one! : )

  4. Congrats on the little one! And I am so in love with this nursery. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to have this experience because we live in a 2 bdrm apartment until our house is up on February. Little A has been bunking with mom and dad. Excited to do his room next year though!

    • Aw, you’ll get your chance! And by then you’ll at least know more about what your babe is into. ❤️

  5. The nursery is darling! Grays and pinks can do no wrong in my book 😉 Congrats on your upcoming arrival!

    • thank you! i need to remember to squeeze in some naps while i can!

  6. I love all the neutrals! And that wood pallet wall is gorgeous. Hang in there, the last days can be tough!

    • I feel like I had it too easy. This month has definitely been the toughest so far!

  7. The nursery looks so pretty! It makes me anxious to work on mine. It is great getting hand-me-downs right? It stinks a little that you have to work with someone else’s style but saves so much cash in the end. ^__^ We got hand me down changing table and crib, and I am a little sad that we didn’t get white, but you know, saving $500+ is better. Maybe I will be able to convince my hubby to paint it in the end XD

    • we got a few hand-me-downs that I keep at my mom’s, too! she lives nearby so i already knew we’d need a couple sets of certain things for the baby! you can always DIY things the color you want, right? i guess you’d just have to be extra careful with the types of paint!

      • Yeah, hubby and I really like Benjamin Moore and they have nice furniture paints. I am a little nervous since the old crib we got has a lot of teeth marks…. so I wouldn’t want our little one to take a chunk of paint off. That seems crazy but they took some of the varnish off of the crib…

        • someone told me early on to get something that goes on the edges for when they start teething. i need to remember that so she doesn’t take a chunk out of the crib! smart thinking, though.

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