preggo diaries: 32 weeks

preggo diaries - 32 weeks


Working on: Guess what, kiddos?! The nursery is almost done!! I’m currently washing sheets and baby clothes and continuing to organize items and delegate tasks to Daniel. He’s going to make a few storage bins from the leftover pallet wood and I am too excited for it to be done. But since he’s getting back into teaching mode it might take a little while. I’m trying to make the capricorn in me have a little more patience. 🙂


Anticipating: I have completed the application process to the two Library and Information Science programs I am interested in and just have to sit back and wait. Hopefully they’ll send information out within the next month! Life is about to change quite drastically and I’d like to get my figurative ducks in a row before my literal ones [bath toys?] become the main focus for a while!


Listening to: ….the sounds of silence. While I do like that song, I find that the only time I’m really listening to anything is in the car. Background noise lately consists of dogs licking their paws, keyboard clicks as I type away at one thing or another, or pages turning because I am trying to tear through as many books as possible before baby.



Luca + Danni stackable bangles


Incoco Nail sticker + blue polish

Leftover nail stickers on my big toes!


State love and metallic bangles c/o Luca + Danni  //  similar criss cross ring

similar Incoco nail polish strips  //  similar Jessica Simpson sandals

Little Black [maternity] Dress via Stitch Fix


preggo diaries - 32 weeks


Eating: I’ve been making sure to eat a good amount of greens almost daily. Some days [not many!] are more difficult than others, but I do a decent job for the most part! Daniel makes sure I have plenty of protein to choose from, and my mom sends me home with leftovers every time I visit.

The chocolate cravings are back with a vengeance, and I definitely went through the cookie dough [baked, not raw] that I requested from Ohh My Sweetness in Miami. I stretched it out and only baked 4 – 6 cookies at a time. Ha! Seriously, best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had.

Wearing: As I have continued to grow and grow, dresses feel much more comfortable than my maternity shorts and pants, though they are still part of my go-to attire. Not because the bottoms are too tight, but because the panel lining shows through my shrinking t-shirts and blouses! I’m sure it’s not too noticeable, but to me it looks like gigantic panty lines. ha!

Because I’ve been sticking to solid colors recently, accessories have definitely been a priority. Primarily sparkly things, like these two bangles from Luca + Danni. I had a hard time deciding between the State Love, Y’all, and the Paw Print bangle, but those sparkles really caught my eye. I think next time I’ll wear a long necklace to compliment the bracelets. 🙂


preggo diaries - 32 weeks


Reading: Since I don’t have to study anymore [yay!] I took a break from pregnancy books to catch up on the YA novels I need to return to the library.

  • Bébé Day by Day, another book by Pamela Druckerman about French Parenting that I loved. I will reread them soon!
  • Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock – finally finished it after taking a long break! The book about the murder-suicide kid. It definitely came with a twist.
  • Where They Found Her – I checked this book out in July and devoured it. A bit of a touchy murder subject…but ended up being pretty good. The author does a crazy good job of tying everyone together!
  • A Madness So Discreet is what I am currently wrapping up! Another murder-mystery type novel, but this one is a little old school, which is a nice change of pace. The main character and her “employer” kind of remind me of the relationship between Doctor Who and his companion. 🙂


Pregnancy: I had my 31 week check-up recently [currently at 32 weeks] and everything went very well! I met the back-up doctor, who was very friendly, and even called me “skinny.” So maybe he already knew how to get on a pregnant woman’s good side…haha I asked about weight, etc, because I am at 15 pounds gained so far, and he expects I’ll probably gain about 2 pounds per month until my due date. I’ll have to make a better effort at choosing greens over sugars! I’ve read that I shouldn’t be so obsessed with weight gain and all that, but I don’t want a huge baby, and the range for my size is 20-24 pounds gained. Fingers crossed I don’t blimp out too much and it’s mostly the baby’s weight that makes it add up! Other things:

  • LS has been quite a wiggle worm lately! When people want to feel her, I suggest just watching. Not because hands on my belly creep me out, but because I think that it looks crazier than it feels. All that movement in my stomach is intense! And she’s been leaving her arm or leg in whatever spot she’s stretching for a few seconds, which is slightly uncomfortable.
  • The heartburn comes and goes. Some days are worse than others.
  • My lower back has been hurting more than usual, especially on longer road trips [3+ hours].
  • Getting out of bed has become a lot more difficult, and there’s no way to avoid waking up in the middle of the night to pee!
  • The new cellulite on my arms and legs has disgusted me for a while now. Can’t wait to be able to get rid of it…or hide it in the fall months until I can. ha!
  • I’m pretty much breathless all the time.




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  1. I like the bracelets! Sparkly but not to ‘expensive’ looking that I might get mugged (ha!?). I had a long necklace like that one you linked to, it ended up staining my light colored clothes 🙁

  2. Only 15lbs this far into the pregnancy? That isn’t bad at all! I have a weight tracker on my one pregnancy app, and I am at about 15lb weight gain at 25 weeks (well practically 26 weeks.) I am just hitting the “target” range, I’ve been “underweight” the whole time (gain nothing the first 3 months so, the app didn’t like that XD) But I understand why a lot of people say not to make any comments on the weight or size of a pregnant woman! Some days I get upset that people don’t notice I’m 6 months pregnant (wut?!) and then other days I just feel beyond huge. XD

    • by 6 months i was definitely obvious! but at 5 months people assumed i just drank a lot of beer. hahaha i assume because i’m running out of room in my tummy i might not gain too much more these next 2 months, but my chocolate cravings also kicked back in, so that won’t help matters. how tall are you? i’m just under 5′ so even 5 lbs gained is a huge deal for me! :-O

      • Ah that’s true. I am 5′ 7″ and I always forget that height effects weights of people. Though I wonder if doctors recommend different weight gains for different heights? Hopefully you stay within your target, I hear lots of people say even though their tummy is getting huge, they don’t actually gain much extra weight. BTW, you should try some raw chocolate snacks. It is great way to curb cravings but get a chocolate fix. My favorite is doing chocolate banana ice cream.

        • choco banana ice cream sounds delicious! and yes, my recommended weight gain is 20-24 lbs. fingers crossed!

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