preggo diaries: 28 weeks

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Working on: I am a broken record over here! Still working on GRE prep and grad school applications [more on that here and here], as well as attempting to finish the nursery. It’s such a  beautiful room that I’ve been using whenever I need to get blog photographs done.

Along with the usual, I’m trying to accept that I’ll be “retiring” from the dogsitting game relatively soon. I’m giving myself until late September/early October, and letting semi-regular clients know. I may be able to help out with small jobs on the weekends, but I’m sure I’ll be too preoccupied to think much about it. There are a few pups I know I will miss, though!

Oh! And recently, thanks to my Watermelon Dog Treat DIY going viral on Pinterest, my blog views have skyrocketed. It is short-lived, but it did get me a lot of attention. I have quite a few campaigns coming out that have me scrambling to get photographs and copy ready. Pretty cool, though…and pretty crazy.



Favorite Geox loafers  //  similar maternity shorts

Pea in the Pod navy maternity top  //  similar clutch

Black Springs Folk Art sunglasses  //  statement necklace c/o Happiness Boutique  


Anticipating: Um, my test that is making me all kinds of nervous. I’ve already started working in my last and final test prep book [this ginormous sucker] that basically makes me feel like an idiot. But other than that I’d have to say childbirth in general. I’m only in month 7, but I keep waking up sweating from weird dreams where people tell me I am in labor though I don’t feel like I am? Or that my nose swells up like that Snapchat filter because I’ve gotten so huge and bloated. This is my life. haha


Listening to: Oddly enough I have been craving the music of my people lately. Ok, so not exactly, but I’ve been listening to the sort of stuff my sister likes, which is a variety of Latin music. When I lived in Miami [and now when I visit Miami] it’s what you hear anywhere you go…maybe I am prepping this babe for her life as a 50% Cuban kid. Kinda funny. 🙂




Eating: Third trimester has not been good to me! I have had the worst junk food cravings, which doesn’t help with the already massive weight gain that is definitely happening. I’ve been trying to find balance…after any sort of binge I grab the broccoli or spinach out of the fridge and have at it. Daniel has continued to include me in his meal prep [yes, while I’ve been blimping out, Daniel has been slimming down AKA “Operation say no to dad bod.”] so I definitely get plenty of protein!


Wearing: I continue to find comfort in my maternity paneled denim shorts and t-shirts. While they aren’t my usual “WIW” attire, I think I’ve been doing a decent job styling them up. Thanks to Happiness Boutique [based in Berlin, Germany what what!] I went with a girlier type statement necklace, because basically having a girl means more pink in your life – at least accents! 🙂 Although these exclusively-designed-in-Berlin pieces are to die for.

If you are interested in winning a Happiness Boutique piece of your own they have bimonthly giveaways on their blog! Free shipping is included when you place an order, a customer reward program, and you can use discount code grrfeisty for 10% off, too!


Reading: I finished Bringing up BĂ©bĂ© and totally loved it! Definitely recommend that read before becoming a parent. I already requested BĂ©bĂ© Day by Day [a lot shorter] from the library, too. After I take my blasted exam I’ll be able to tear through books again…I’m a little bitter that I’ve had to stop reading for fun. I can’t even update on what I’ve been watching because I haven’t been! I catch Facebook updates on the Olympics and that’s about it.

I also returned Broadchurch before finishing it because it’s exactly like the show. So I figured I would move on to something new. 🙂



Pregnancy: There has been much activity in the womb! Especially after this weekend’s roadtrip to San Antonio. I have concluded that LS absolutely loves Tex-Mex. 🙂

We entered the third trimester a little rough [headaches, congestion] but things have been great so far. I’ve been working out almost regularly! And only experiencing minor lower-back pain, which I am sure is a combination of baby growth and workout strains.

The glucose test came back negative for gestational diabetes – hooray! My next appointment is Friday, where I’ll receive the Rhogam shot because I am O Negative.


What have you been up to lately? What should I watch/read once I take this dang test? 🙂




  1. Not eating junk food is so hard! I mean the junk food is all prepared! There are nights where it isn’t that I don’t want veggies, but I just look at the cutting board and groan. Heck, even last night I want fruit, but all I had were apples and bananas, and I already ate them earlier, so I ate marshmallows instead. XD

    I am reading Bringing up BĂ©bĂ© and I am not loving the whole no weight gain part of the beginnings (mostly cuz of the lack of body positivity) I am really enjoying it. When I am done I am planning on reading Rosemary’s Baby, because I love the movie so much.

    • i agree! it’s definitely hard! at least i’ve been loading up on broc and spinach…

  2. You wear pregnancy well!!! And I thought you were further along because I thought I was further along. I think I’m wishing away the time…sigh.

    • haha! i actually hit 29 weeks this week. everytime i do an update it’s basically titled the week before.

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