Nursery Sneak Peek part 1

I received these items in collaboration with Fracture. All opinions are mine alone.

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I’ve been sharing glimpses of the nursery on Snapchat and Twitter because third trimester equals full-on nesting mode. So much so that I kind of want to bite the bullet and go ahead and purchase the remaining two pieces of furniture so decorations can be hung up!

I’ve organized and reorganized what I can so far, but once the dresser came in, I knew we could at least set up these gorgeous glass prints from Fracture. Daniel and I didn’t get any professional photographs taken, but I think these look amazing. Especially on the glass! I’m so glad we took the time to pose at our baby shower. It was so hot that I almost just said “Eh, nevermind.” Daniel convinced me to deal with the heat for a few minutes. I’m always sweating these days, anyway!


Baby Nursery Wall Decor: Glass Prints via Fracture

Thanks for the photo, Ely!


I am holding the print for size reference. This is their extra-large and it’s a really nice weight – feels very secure on the fancy screw they send to hang it with! Now LS will never forget who her parents are because we’ll be hanging right near her crib EVERY DAY and EVERY NIGHT. mwah ah ah. 🙂


Baby Nursery Wall Decor: Glass Prints via Fracture


It seems a bit narcissistic but I really wanted a big ol’ photo of Daniel and I before our bodies lives change forever. And when I was still “cute pregnant” and not “bloated cow pregnant.” Oh, you think I’m kidding?? Like I said, THIRD TRIMESTER on this dang shrinky-dink body of mine. 🙂


Baby Nursery Wall Decor: Glass Prints via Fracture


See the glass edge? The backing is a sturdy styrofoam poster board material. The larger sizes have a bit of metal support since they are heavier. Make sure to check out the comparison chart for a very visually-friendly image. It’s kind of amazing/scary how you can see every detail! [Don’t you dare look too closely at my thighs…]


Baby Nursery Wall Decor: Glass Prints via Fracture


Baby Nursery Wall Decor: Glass Prints via Fracture

“extra-large” VS “classic” sizes


I am incredibly happy with how the prints turned out and am actually ordering a smaller one as a gift. We even printed a third image for the guest room because it was too cool not to.  This Fracture is just as bright as the others, but this is the selfie I sent my family to show it off. [size: large]


Baby Nursery Wall Decor: Glass Prints via Fracture

After breakfast on my sister’s birthday, we decided to stop by a local mural. I happened to have my GoPro on me and seriously love how it turned out!


With the $100 credit that Fracture is offering [giveaway below!] you could order a variety of sizes! Seriously, these are gorgeous. 🙂

There’s also a 15% off sale going on until August 19th with the coupon code SUMMER. Scroll down and enter – there are multiple ways/chances! Oh, and guess what? They ship internationally!


What would you get printed?? You already know you can count on me for animal [and now baby] photos!



Baby Nursery Wall Decor: Glass Prints via Fracture



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  1. Looks pretty cool. What file format and size did you supply for the big prints? Is raw acceptable? Is any image optimization/correction (prior to submission or by the Fracture folks) needed due to the nature of the media?

    • I upped the default size to about 3.5M [I think that was “large format” on my camera] to make sure that I could get the extra-large size. What’s nice is when you upload it warns you how far up on size you can go depending on the size of your image. I edited my own photos a bit [lighting, etc] but it isn’t necessary.

  2. These are gorgeous! I’d love to print a photo of my boyfriend & me to go in our bedroom. Weirdly, we have almost no photos of us throughout our apartment.

    And you look great! Can’t wait ’til that little girl arrives. 🙂

    • We actually have a few from our engagement photos – but those were all in costume because of Daniel’s funny idea. ha! One of y’all on glass would be so nice and *fancy*! 🙂

  3. I would put a family portrait in our living room. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Good Golly Miss Molly . Luv the photo. Divine. Wow, prize $100 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me.

  5. The nursery is looking cute. I love that new collection from Target with their animals wearing flowers in their hair and such. I was tempted to buy a little toddler plate while there, but logic hit- do I really want to hold onto this for two years before my unborn child can use this? Answer no. XD

    • Haha! That’s how I feel about a lot of things. I’ve been able to hold back for the most part!

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