preggo diaries: 25 weeks

Though she but but little, she is FEISTY. #maternity


Working on: I recently shared that the guest room is complete! Because of the open shelving, the paint job took a lot longer than I anticipated, but I love how the books look lined up all pretty. I also hung up an old roller derby sign a friend made me because I feel like it could still pertain to me or my littlest. ūüôā

Now I just need to¬†finish painting the nursery before my cousins come into town on Thursday! They’ll be putting up a wood pallet wall, which is pretty exciting. We don’t have any baby furniture yet, but her closet is slowly [and adorably] filling up!

Oh, and most importantly, I am studying for the GRE. My primary¬†weakness focus is on the verbal section, though I will definitely be reviewing how they have the math section set up. It wouldn’t hurt to practice the suggested techniques! I’ve got about 30 days of studying left and way too many practice tests to work on. Wish me luck!


Sandy, mom, me.


Anticipating: The upcoming baby shower! My sister has worked incredibly hard with the help of her boyfriend and my mom. And¬†her birthday is the following day! Daniel and I¬†have attempted to get her some¬†extra amazing gifts as a thank you but I feel like it’s still not enough! THANK YOU, SANDY!!



Listening to: The old N*SYNC albums! I found a few old CDs while cleaning and setting up the guest room, so I put them in my car and have been singing along almost every day. ūüôā

A couple¬†current hits I’m really into are Sia’s Cheap Thrills¬†[I downloaded the Sean Paul version¬†but prefer the original music video because of Maddie Ziegler!] and Drake’s One Dance.


Butterscotch chip and walnut cookies


Eating: I was dogsitting the sweetest pitbull last weekend when I heard the word “cookie” on TV. [Her owner leaves the TV on for her.] That’s all it takes to crave something! So I looked up a cookie recipe that ended up being¬†amazing. Since I didn’t have chocolate chips I used some butterscotch chips [and the following week made the recipe again with choco chips…]. Don’t worry, I gave more than half of the cookies away! But they were so good!

I’m also trying to stay on top of eating¬†things that are actually good for the baby. I do pretty good with spinach¬†and other veggies/fruits. Daniel makes sure I get a good serving of protein and broccoli, too.¬†I also added fish oil to my daily assortment of pills!



Wearing: Basically I am in love with the two pairs of maternity shorts I own, as well as the capris. They’re all from Motherhood Maternity, as I mentioned in the last update. ūüôā Because I’m a shorty, size small unisex tees still fit great! I’ve been taking advantage of JordanDen√©¬†geeky tees since they are the perfect size.¬†Especially the¬†mystery shirt¬†sale! [Hello Sweetie seen here]

I also finally ordered a maternity swimsuit [that feels like a dress!] because my sized up Old Navy suit just doesn’t cut it anymore. My two pieces still fit, but I only wear those when I have some loner girl pool time!


NOT my maternity swimsuit.


Maternity swimsuit/dress is slightly visible in this photo. As is my *virgin* pi√Īa colada thanks to my BFF and her hubs!


Pregnancy: After attending two weddings this summer, I’ve decided loud and exciting events are just not for me in this “condition.” I felt completely hung over the following day, and the headache lasted about 36 hours. I’ve already observed that overexerting myself leads to the same symptoms, but I assumed that was only physically.

My sleep quality went from bad to worse! I wake up once a night to use the restroom, and then usually can’t get back to sleep for another hour. The¬†rotating from hip to hip continues [sometimes I wake up with a sore hip and that’s how I know it’s time to flip over], but now I have to sleep almost sitting up at times if I randomly get heartburn from taking a sip of water. Go figure! Also my limbs fall asleep super easy, which also wakes me up!

I’m genetically prone to spider veins [thanks, mom!] and have had a few on my thighs for years now, but this pregnancy is has def¬†made them double up¬†and pop up elsewhere. They’ve never shown up in photographs until now, and I even spotted a new cluster near my chest. Oy… Let the record show that spider veins are not the same as varicose veins, Daniel!



Doc stuff –¬†I get my rhogam shot next visit because my blood type is O negative, and I just had my sugar test last week. Someone told me they had an orange flavored drink, but mine was more like Sprite on crack. Not too terrible but the after-taste was bleh. If Daniel hadn’t’ been at the appointment with me everything would have gone right over my head! I was so spacey from the fasting and all that sugar. ha! I’m about 10 pounds up¬†and hope that I don’t gain more than 20-22 pounds total [as recommended for my size]. I don’t have much control over it, but here’s hoping!


Anatomy ultrasound pic from about 3 weeks ago. Can you see her profile looking up? That little lump on the far right is her hand.


On the bright side, little Lila Sophia is growing and gaining strength because those kicks and punches are actually¬†visible now. No more little flutters – these are legit! When reading in bed, it just makes sense to set the book on my shelf of a belly. She didn’t like that one bit and kept shoving me off. It was hilarious and alien looking! This video is from a couple days ago before the movement really escalated to alien levels.¬†Look to the right of the mole.


¬†Reading: I’ve slowed down a bit since I picked up studying, but I did finish Some Boys and reread To Kill a Mockingbird.



[affiliate links]

  • Some Boys was¬†really good and definitely relates to teen life today with all of the filming that goes on, social media, and the double standard in regards to loose guys versus girls.
  • I read To Kill a Mockingbird before checking out Go Set a Watchman, which I got¬†yesterday, along with Broadchurch and Where They Found Her.
  • Instead of starting it right away, Bringing up B√©b√© is my new bedtime read¬†based on a friend’s recommendation. I really like how it’s styled more like a novel rather than information text. I was kind of bored with my other pregnancy book I just returned…
  • I’ve also heard good things about The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy, and thanks to a friend, I can read that next!
  • And just because I can’t get enough, I also started the YA book Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock. The book starts out pretty creepy because Leonard immediately makes the day’s plans known to the reader: it’s his birthday and he plans to kill a boy at school and then himself. I’m not too far into it but I really hope someone catches on and stops him. It’s a quick read and definitely an interesting [and again, current] topic.




Watching: Not much actually! I finished my Office binge, watched Netflix’s Love, and have been putting off OITNB for some reason. I tried catching up on the Mindy Project but have too much studying/cleaning/tidying to do! Any recommendations I just can’t miss? Daniel says I should def watch Stranger Things. Why didn’t we watch it together?! BOOOO.


As always, please feel free to leave your book/TV/food/anything recs! Until next time!


I leave you with this gorgeous vintage photograph of my pregnant mother [obviously in the early stages]. Preggo naps are a must! haha!




  1. I had the glucose test and it was flat lucozade (it’s normally fizzy, looks like orangade) but because it’s a starving test I had eaten or drunk since before bedtime the night before – I was so thirsty, then in the waiting room it was warm so I just wanted to curl up and sleep – then after downing the drink I was desperate for a wee but if I left the test then I lost my place in the queue or something like that.
    I had the Anti-D shot because I’m O something (why isn’t it I can’t remember now lol).
    Is your Broadchurch the UK or the US version? The original TV series was UK then it was remade with David Tennant playing the same character but it was based in the US. My brother got me the UK book but I still haven’t read it.

    • i hope it’s the UK version! that’s the show i watched – not the American version. i just got a call that i do NOT have gestational diabetes hooray! but the told me i need an iron supplement, which i am already taking! i assume that bc i couldn’t take it that AM [also fasted] it registered as a deficiency again haha

  2. Yay for no diabetes!…I watched episode 2 of Stranger Things last night. It’s creepy/scary!! I still need to finish Season 3 of OITNB…And that photo of your mom sorta looks like Ely looking down

  3. Love this! Also: need help with the verbal part of the GRE?? I don’t know that working with someone is the best way, but let me know! I also had a GREAT book that helped me a lot. It essentially made fun of the test and was constantly like, “This test was written by people without college degrees. YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THESE PEOPLE.” It was really empowering. Oh! And my midwife said to stop doing fish oil at 30 weeks. I don’t remember why. Maybe ask your doc? Or ask around. We need a prego hangout!!

    • Oh! Thank you! Good to know about the fish oil! And I’ve gotten pretty good at the sentence equivalence verbal section but SUCK at reading comprehension. Go figure. :-/

  4. I am not looking forward to the glucose test. I’ve seen one person who had a blue drink… they described it as sugar. XD So I guess not everyone gets the luxury of flavors.

    I put a request on Bringing up B√©b√© at my library since you mentioned it on the blog. I like reading about European parenting methods. At the risk of sounding hippie dippie, I don’t like many aspects of American parenting culture.

    • oh, then you will love this book! i already told my husband he should read it. the chapter about sleep training is AMAZING. i was surprised my library had it in!
      hopefully your glucose drink is okay! mine wasn’t too bad, just the after taste was…meh.

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