home tour: NEW guest room

I used to do a Home Tour every once in awhile when we first moved in, but 6 years later our styles and goals for our home have changed. So here is a bit of an update! We shall start with the Guest Room and then eventually share the Nursery – you know, once it’s done. šŸ™‚

Before we could set up the baby’s room, there was a bit of shifting that needed to happen. The dreamy giant closet was going to become the new guest room [old guest room here], which meant we needed to move everything back into our original master closet. That took longer than expected…Daniel had to remove all of the old shelving and replace it with giant closet shelving, then we needed to patch all of the holes in the old and new closet before painting. The whole process was actually a lot of fun. Daniel and I worked together and took plenty of Netflix breaks. I even got him kind of into the Office!

Home Tour Guest Room


Once all of the clothing/crap was sorted, purged, donated, etc,Ā I dove into the guest room paint job, which was a lot more detailedĀ than I had imagined, especially sinceĀ Daniel had the brilliant idea [serious, no sarcasm] to remove the cabinet doors and make extra shelving. That way A) I could finally “show off” my book collection, and B) we don’t hide all of the crap we own! Which means we purge more often so the shelves aren’t filled with it. Seriously, moving to a bigger house meant filling it with more and moreĀ stuff. What a depressing clean up job! But also very cleansing. šŸ™‚


Home Tour Guest Room


I felt such enormous relief once the guest room [and guest room closet!] were finished. Ask me why I have been putting off finishing the nursery paint job, though because I have no idea! My cousins are coming into town soon for the baby shower and will be installing a pallet wood wall in her room. How cool is that?! So obviously I have a deadline. I’ve been distracting myself with other chores because apparently part of nesting is finding things that need to be cleaned. Instead of moving some boxes out of the nursery the other day, Daniel busted me doing the dishes. ha!


Home Tour Guest Room

Home Tour Guest Room

Home Tour Guest Room


I continue to use the guest room as my home office, but now I’m excited because it’s extra cute and relaxing! Hopefully our guests [and dog sitter] enjoy the guest room revamp, too!

What’s your favorite room in the house? Because this one is coming in a close second to my own room – only because I love my dang bed. šŸ™‚




  1. It all came out so good! … don’t know where you’re getting the pallets from, but I hope the safe (non-toxic) kind!!

  2. Ok, I could have worded that differently… what I meant to says was ‘not sure if you’re using actual pallets or not. Some can be toxic, wanted to share in case you didn’t know, so you can select the safe ones ?’

    • Thanks for the info! I’ll check with Daniel bc he’s getting them from his old job. I assume we are cleaning them first, too!

  3. I don’t really have a favourite – everything is just a bit of a muddle – we started doing Konmari which kind of worked but also meant that some of the house is a right old mess! We’re having the Summerhouse redone in a few weeks so hopefully I can move some bits back down there and get things sorted out. I’m wondering about making it into a craft area some how but although that works in the summer, in the winter it’ll be too cold. Dilemmas!

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