I still drink coffee so suck it

Ha! I’m sorry for the brash title, but it’s true. I still drink coffee. Granted I drink significantly less

Of course my doc recommended zero caffeine, but I have been suffering from such horrible headaches that I seriously don’t want to make it even worse by removing coffee from the equation.

Basically the routine goes as follows:

Monday: Roll out of bed, drag myself to the kitchen, brew the smallest cup of coffee my keurig will allow, doctor it up, and take it to my desk for some Math teaching good times. I drink about 1/3 of the coffee and place the leftovers in the fridge on my break.

Tuesday: Roll out of bed, drag myself to the kitchen for breakfast, grab yesterday’s coffee [now “iced”], take a few swigs, and dump the leftovers.

And so on and so on. If I visit my mom I have a cafe con leche at her house, and if I go out somewhere, I’ll have a coffee after dinner, though it is rare. I desperately miss my evening cup of coffee, but I can wait it out. As long as I can have some in the morning… 🙂

My favorite Brooklyn Bean Roastery roast has been switching between Corner Donut Shop and Colombian lately…though I just ordered some decaf Fuhgeddaboutit that I’m pretty excited to enjoy in the afternoons/evenings. 🙂


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p.s. I just found out the gender…..so excited!! Can’t wait to share! [But first the family dinner reveal!]



  1. I didn’t quit caffeine when I was pregnant. I read a book “How To Have Your Second Child First”. THE ONLY PREGNANCY BOOK I RECOMMEND. It’s like “Japanese women don’t stop eating sushi.” “Indian women don’t stop eating spicy food.” “French women don’t stop drinking wine.” And I was like yaaaaaaaaaaas. So I went to tea and half caf lattes and kept my sanity.

    • Omg thank you!!! I will for sure be looking that up right now!

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