preggo diaries: 14 week update

You know what the hardest thing about the first trimester was? Feeling super crappy, and having to lie about why. When I was laying in bed with my headaches, canceling plans, declining everything, I just kept blaming it on allergies. “Some people have the sniffles, I have headaches!” [and lies, apparently!]. I only vomited once, thank goodness, but the bloating was so uncomfortable. At one point I thought I was seriously starting to show at 10 weeks. What?? Then around 11-12 weeks it all went down and I freaked out because I thought that meant I lost the baby. Nope! The placenta starts forming and “taking over” some of the duties – lightening the load, basically. But not the headaches! Only now am I finally getting a bit of reprieve. I like to credit Daniel’s sudden interest in my diet [after a 5 day headache that ended with me curled up in a ball crying in bed], as well as getting cozy in the second trimester.

True life: between washing sheets and pillowcases, Roxy lays with her bed buddy [thanks for the rec, Rhonda!], looking through a baby book gift her cousin sent.

The fatigue is also passing! Don’t get me wrong, I still get tired pretty easily and attempt to squeeze in a nap here and there, it’s just not an everyday occurrence anymore. Since the worst symptoms have subsided, I decided it was time to hit the gym. The first day was great! The second day? Not so much. Even though I went light, the repetitiveness of specific motions I haven’t worked on in about 2 months hurt my right shoulder. I’m probably at 50% today? Maybe 60%? Still in pain, can’t lift my arm too high, but at least the throbbing subsided. I am determined to go back! I guess I’ll just take it a bit lighter/slower. Cardio has been great, though! Obviously I’m lacking endurance, but I’ll get there.


I am seriously in love with this Dia de los Lifters tank design.


Photo I took for the @crossfitcaveman IG.


Since about week 12 I’ve been listening to the baby’s heartbeat with the fetal doppler Daniel purchased. I especially tuned in after getting back to the gym. Gotta make sure everything is good in the hood! It’s crazy how much louder that little sucker’s heart is beating in week 14 versus the previous couple weeks! Peach sized baby sounds pretty dang strong!

I highly recommend purchasing a fetal doppler. I use my own headphones instead of the earbuds that come with it, and was even able to record the heartbeat in snapchat from the headphones! Instead of purchasing a special lubricant I simply use the coconut oil I already had on hand.


Gender reveal cupcakes! Unfortunately I could not find the same size balls. Or am I throwing you off? Or is it on purpose? HMMM??


Friday night is the family dinner gender reveal and I am so excited! Especially because my family in Miami will also be having a dinner and slicing open their own cake. I already told my mom she is not allowed to answer her phone until we are done – in case she gets any spoilers! I can’t wait to share my reaction to the nurse’s phonecall, and the video my cousin took when she opened her gender reveal package I sent. I was laughing so hard. This is the box I made Daniel in case he didn’t want to wait until the dinner to find out. So far he has stuck it out! I have known the gender for a week now and can’t keep it in much longer!




Who is this person I have become? Surprising people is fun! Trying on clothes/bathing suits is not. That part has been kind of lame. ha!



p.s. I have continued to tear through oh-so-many books. It’s been great!!

p.p.s. a couple of the links above are *affiliate* links – that means I might make a small commission that helps our little family!



  1. FYI, the baby moves and that means the heartbeat could be hard to hear at times. Don’t panic 🙂

    • That’s what happened when I tried showing my parents! I eventually found it but was like uhhhh ummmmmm :-O

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