bedroom mini-makeover with uncommongoods

This post is in collaboration with UncommonGoods. All opinions are my own.

UncommonGoods bedroom mini-makeover



My nightstand is a complete mess. I have a bin of randomness, followed by a variety of empty product boxes, so many books I am trying to read, mugs containing vitamins, chapstick, and whatever I happen to set on top: jewelry, sunglasses, my pencil pouch? Something needed to be done!


UncommonGoods bedroom mini-makeover

I’ll always have a bit of clutter. It’s how I roll. But look at how much more space I have to fill with more books!


Our bedroom is very basic. There is minimal furniture, as you can tell by the overrun nightstand! When I had the option of sprucing up the place thanks to UncommonGoods, I [appropriately] chose the Minimalist Teak Wall Shelf to beautify some of the book clutter, as well as a matching Literary Candle in 221 B Baker Street, of course! The candle arrived first, and even came with a description of the maker, which I thought was so cool! Callie graduated with an English degree and picked up a fun hobby that she turned into a delightfully smelling business. Did you know that half of UncommonGoods’ merchandise is handmade?


UncommonGoods bedroom mini-makeover

The shelf was super easy to put together! I took care of that part, Daniel handled the stud-search and drilling. Mostly because I found my stud long ago. HAR HAR. 🙂


UncommonGoods bedroom mini-makeover

I love how the shelf and wooden frame compliment each other.


UncommonGoods bedroom mini-makeover


UncommonGoods bedroom mini-makeover

That Sherlock Holmes candle is very near my Doctor Who themed bathroom…next bath bomb night will probably include this lit candle as well. All of the BBC inspirations! 🙂

While Daniel was hanging the shelf I uploaded a few images to Snapchat, including the completed shot, and received quite a few compliments! Even my craftsman cousin was intrigued by the simple, yet classy, little set of shelves.  We did add a new piece to the bedroom, but I feel like we’ve still got a pretty minimalist theme going. And how gorgeous is that candle glow at night??


UncommonGoods bedroom mini-makeover


After reading about UncommonGoods, and becoming aware that most items are made in America, and their lowest paid seasonal warehouse worker makes 50% above minimum wage, I decided they are a company I can definitely stand by. Good people that make good things.


Do you have the same cluttered nightstand issue? How did you solve it?




  1. Ah! Thanks for that last bit of info… I’m not only trying to reduce my purchasing but also make an effort to purchase from “good” companies (eco-friendly, humane conditions, etc)

  2. I don’t even have a nightstand – I have a full bookshelf next to my bed so there’s plenty of room for everything! Love this shelf, though, & I’ve always been a big fan of Uncommon Goods.

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