Colorado outfitting

Literally. 🙂

I’ve been visiting Colorado for 6 years now. This is the first time I actually planned an outfit. Usually I’m preoccupied with keeping warm and lazying about. Thanks to my mom for the inspiration when she surprised me with this gorgeous coat.


Colorado outfit


We arrived in Denver ridiculously early, so Paula drove us over to Union Station for a bite to eat before heading up the mountain. The building is gorgeous! It was the perfect time of day because the morning rays made the place seem so cozy…although the variety of couches and armchairs may have helped.


Union Station

Pigtrain Coffee


Daniel and I decided to follow an edited version of the Military Diet before the trip. I felt so cute those first few hours in Denver…and then we had coffee at Pigtrain, breakfast at Snooze, and pizza at Beaujo’s! By the end of day one I wasn’t feeling very cute anymore. haha! Totally worth it, though. No ragrets. We probably burned most of that off the next day on the slopes anyway….right?! 🙂


Colorado outfit


iadornu Wanderlust necklace  //  Muk Luks boots  //  Lululemon leggings and sweater

vintage cap  //  Banana Republic coat  //  similar criss cross ring



If you recall, my “friends” likened me to a tonton from Star Wars. They even threatened to warm themselves with my innards if things got rough. Ha! Just kidding. I think I actually said that and it creeped them out. 🙂


Thanks to Daniel for my sweet Lululemon outfit. It’s so adorable that I haven’t even worked out in it yet! And thanks to my sister for the boots. LOVE.


I leave you with my favorite snap of the trip. Only because there were no fox-spottings this year. 🙁

— roxy (@grrrfeisty) February 5, 2016




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  1. I really like the boots!!
    I’ll slice you and take them! Muahahaha!!!

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