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My sister, BFF, and I decided to surprise Renée in Austin on Sunday. She has been working her tail off for the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, and I was finally free! The day was full of my favorites: roadtrips, close friends [and fam!], handmade shopping, Kerbey Queso, and a short stroll around South Congress.

TX trailer while roadtripping to Austin, TX.

I warned Sandy and Maria in advance – “I’ll probably ask y’all to take pictures!” I’m 98% certain that they already expected this to be the case.

Sandy has grown patient with me – especially after our trip to Paris in 2012 when she snapped at me for requesting outfit photos all the time! Ah, the life of a blogger. Sometimes my mom will comment, too. Daniel teases, but always lets me know that he supports my blog and will take pictures whenever I ask. This is after I get all huffy and teenagery [see: “nobody understands me!”].

Maria is a sneaky photographer! She got the “behind the scenes” shot above, and one more. To be less troublesome to my crew I pulled up right in front of the trailer so Sandy could stay in the car. haha! They should make a “friends of bloggers” video like the Instagram Husband one that went viral.

Initially I really wanted a couple photos on South Congress, but the shops and even little side alleys were so busy, and I am just so awkward…instead we browsed a couple shops and then went on our merry way. I need a confidence boost! How cute would it be to snag a couple shots inside a shop? I would do it for someone, but am way too shy to be in front of the camera in that scenario. Apartment parking lot it is! 🙂


Over-the-knee boots, denim shorts, flannel. Comfy, cute.

Firmoo glasses  //  Skinnydip London clutch  //  Ivanka Trump boots  //

Bullhead denim [similar]  //  Mossimo flannel


Okay, so these are my birthday boots. I can’t wait to share them as part of a holiday outfit. 🙂 I did my research when it came to buying a pair of over-the-knee boots. Being a shorty, I looked up recommendations/reviews and stumbled upon these babies. The shaft on a similar brand was about 21 inches, and looked great on a petite model, so that’s what I searched for: 21 inches. They are almost perfect! At first they fit a little snug over my knee [hello, derby thighs!] but loosen up after about a day of wear.


Teal walls.

Skinnydip London clutch, over-the-knee boots.


Thanks to Sandy and Maria for joining me on this last minute adventure to Austin! It was great seeing Renée and spending some quality time with my boo-thangs.





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