so what is really going on?

It’s coming up on the date that marks one year since quitting a job that I loved. Well, I loved my co-workers, but I didn’t love the bully. While I have been so much happier since making that very difficult decision, things haven’t been all that easy.

Online teaching was going really well, but our numbers were dropping pretty quickly, and it didn’t look like too many Texas schools were signing up. There were lay-offs in August, and that included me. I took a week to be depressed about it, vague-tweet, and then started making a plan.

I don’t know how much longer I’d like to stay in education. I feel like I’m a pretty good teacher, but perhaps I can teach something else, in some other way. Or pursue this “internet-thing” that I adore so much. In the meantime, I found a pretty sweet babysitting gig, and a few equally awesome dog-sitting gigs. So last week, when I was offered my old online-teaching job, I accepted the part-time option instead. I made commitments that make me happy, and I want to stick them through.

Daniel and I have both been toying with the idea of going back to school. We agreed that he would go first, since he already knows what he wants to study. I will follow, or look for alternatives. Who knows – the internet is so magical these days…you can teach yourself anything!

Is this what a midlife crisis feels like? I am so torn between finding a job I love, or taking a job that pays the bills. Older generations tell us that a job shouldn’t be fun – that it’s hard work. Why can’t it be both? While 2015 isn’t the future Doc Brown and Marty McFly envisioned, it isn’t so uncommon for people to love their work. And I’d like to be one of those people.
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p.s. I’m so ready for 2016. 🙂



  1. It's funny, I didn't realized that we were in a similar position: I'm back to school after a few years of finishing, and I refuse to think that I will never find a job that I actually like, hehe. Meanwhile, you know, bills must be paid, but someday… something nicer have to be somewhere waiting for our motivation, right? 😛

  2. Absolutely you should work a job you love, if you can find one! It sounds like you have a good plan – to take this time to do some research and find out what's out there that you might want to do. Today a meme was going around that said we teachers should not ask our students what they want to be "when they grow up", but instead should ask what problems they want to solve. So, what problems do you want to solve?? If you two ever decide you want a gig with my organization, please use me as a ref on your applications! <3 you, Miss Rich

  3. I've been going thru this the past three years. First I quite the job end of 2012, started the new one in 2013 and began a different role volunteering my time and pursuing a theme for the year about trying new things; life still didn't feel right so in 2014 I saw a counselor and started the year with a theme of adventure, 2015 I quit derby and my board position with the animal group and sought personal growth. This year is ending how I've wanted to feel over the past years. You'll get there. Keep doing what you're doing, dabble in this and that and figure out what ELSE feels just as good as teaching did. I listened to a podcast about what to do with life as an adult, they said think back to what you enjoyed as a child and the answer might lie there. Ex: I enjoyed exploring and being outside as a kid, I want to change careers to something that can incorporate my current degree/knowledge AND the outside, instead of just a desk job.

  4. Uh, to clarify: I still don't have it together but this year finally feels like I'm on the right track; I did so many distractions whole getting here but I think they helped me figure out more of what I want/need. You will too, I know it!

  5. I definitely understand that job you love/job that pays the bills struggle. I think there are a lot of people who don't love their job simply because they didn't chase after something that they did love. Of course there can always be lots of other circumstances at play when it comes to why we have the jobs we have, but I know several older people who don't love their job simply because they didn't think there was another option. So good luck as you and your husband chase after dreams and passions! I'm sure y'all will find something amazing!

  6. You absolutely SHOULD enjoy your work, whenever possible! I quite my job of 15 years last December, to do Real Estate. It was quite the change! I spent this year being scared, nervous, worried, working super hard, and finally as of last week, feel "pretty" sure it was the right decision. Do what you want! Be happy! Life is short.

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