off to a concert

concert outfit

When Firmoo contacted me to either review a pair of glasses or give a pair to a reader, I chose the latter, because I have currently been wearing my last pair of Firmoo glasses all the time. I love the size of the frames I picked out – plus the colors are pretty fun, too. I thought for sure someone would appreciate winning a pair.

Side note: In my last Firmoo related post I was fending off mosquitos. Here I am again shooing away the little blood suckers. Only this time I swear they have mutated into some ginormous sub-species. Seriously – they are huge!

concert outfit
I swear to you – HUGE. I almost posted a photo the other day but it was smooshed and had recently had a meal. 😛
concert outfit

This is actually what I wore to see Becky G perform at a local AT&T store. Moments later my hair poofed up because Houston weather is lame like that. Plus we were in the parking lot half the time. Since chopping it off I’ve had to resort to baseball caps when my hair is acting up. I can’t throw it up into a top knot anymore! And honestly I had been doing that so much that I am love/hating the additional effort required to tame my mane.

concert outfit


concert outfit
Please tell me you noticed the spider on my neck? I wish I had sported this necklace a bit more in October, but whatever. I enjoy creeping people out year round!



concert outfit
Firmoo glasses  //  Manic Trout necklace  //  Cykochik clutch  //  Bueno Shop Texas ring
Modcloth blouse  //  Naturalizer booties  //  LOFT jeans  //  Milani makeup [seen here]


Okay! See below how you can win your own pair of Firmoo glasses. The only requirement is leaving a comment, everything else is additional. Good luck!
xoxop.s. Ignore the brick wall that is in need of some power washing… 😛
p.p.s. The giveaway is open worldwide!




  1. The mosquitos are actually a different species than what we normally have. A friend of mine who works at the arboretum was just talking about them last night but I can't remember the name. :/

  2. Been wanting to try out firmoo, but with as crazy as my prescription is, ive been hesitant. So this would be an awesome opportunity! 😉

  3. I love these, I actually need to get a new prescription, I'm a year overdue but my old glasses worked fine so I thought I could put it off forever…until they snapped in half yesterday. Now I'm wearing a pair from my prescription 6 years ago, I always get contacts with my husbands work insurance plan but I need to get glasses this time! yikes

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