my experience with the military diet

the military diet

When I tell people I am trying out this diet, I get a lot of criticisms. About starving myself mostly. First off, it’s plenty of food. And it’s 3 days. What harm can the food pictured above do in just 3 days? The photographs are precisely what I ate. Yes they could have included some spinach leaves in the mix, but oh well. Like I said – three days.

I got all my information from After attempting to research what the ice cream was all about [see below], I’ve come to the conclusion that it is simply included so you don’t go crazy. 🙂

Day one was fine between breakfast and lunch. I love peanut butter, so my first meal was a treat! I woke up around 6am with Daniel, got him set up, then ate my toast and peanut butter. I saved the grapefruit as a late morning snack since I wasn’t feeling hungry, and was afraid I’d get very hungry before lunch. By noon I felt great! I had my tuna on toast and left the house to meet a friend for coffee. This was a great distraction! But I should have grabbed more than my apple from dinner to tide me over because I was pretty hangry after my workout! I wasn’t feeling faint or anything, just moody because I wanted dinner NOW and still needed to prep and photograph it. ha! Subbing the tofu for the meat [and later tuna] was the best idea! I thought it was delicious cooked the way we did. Seared over coconut oil, with pepper, and garlic powder.


the military diet
Coffee, 1/2 grapefruit, toast + 2 tblsp PB
the military diet
1/2 can tuna, toast [+coffee]
the military diet
Subbed tofu [seared, salt, pepper, garlic pepper], 1/2 banana, 1 cup green beans [+apple – ate as snack earlier]
the military diet
Part of dinner that I ate later. 1 cup of vanilla ice cream! 🙂

Day two: I feel like this was the only struggle, and I’m assuming it’s because I wasn’t having as much sugar as I usually indulge in… Breakfast was a decent size! I slept in a bit and didn’t have to spread out my breakfast, but I had the egg on toast first then snacked on the banana throughout the morning. I packed my lunch up and took it on my babysitting gig. The kids looked at my like I was crazy. But after adding some salt and pepper to the cottage cheese, it was actually pretty good [with the crackers]. I also tried spreading it out, but was feeling particularly hungry, so that didn’t last long. I wasn’t going to be home until close to 7, so again, I got pretty hangry. See a trend here? It’s between lunch and dinner. I’ll need to carry more of my dinner around with me next round, especially on day two when it’s big enough. Dinner includes 2 hot dogs [soy dogs in our case], which was my favorite part! I added a bit of mustard because it’s allowed. I indulged in my half a cup of ice cream, too. NOM.

Edit// During the second and third week I ate some of my fruit between lunch and dinner and felt just fine. 🙂


the military diet
1/2 banana, toast, cooked egg
the military diet
Boiled egg, 1 cup cottage cheese, 5 saltine crackers
the military diet
1/2 cup carrots, 1 cup broccoli, 1/2 banana, 2 hotdogs [soy dogs] and 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream

Day three: I was feeling fine again. 🙂 I was excited to be able to eat other items on the 4th day, but it wasn’t that bad. I had a pretty busy day, but it involved a lot more food denial! My mom and I were driving to Galveston to see our dentist/my sister for a check-up! I woke up early and spread out my breakfast as I did some chores and exercised. The drive to and from Galveston was great! I ate my egg and toast in the car on the way to the restaurant and then ordered a spaghetti to-go so that Daniel and I could share the next day. 🙂 It smelled so good! While my mom and sister ate, I sipped on some coffee. Remember, I had just eaten my lunch. Don’t assume I was suffering!

I attended an event later that night [another great distraction!] and ate my dinner on the way. I also received a free meal ticket for some tacos at this event… Luckily the other blogger I met was also dieting, and we both used our food tickets for bottles of water. ha! So sad. But they didn’t have any veggie options anyway.

After a night of more socializing than usual, I showered, hopping into my pjs, and slowly [and delightfully] enjoyed my cup of vanilla ice cream. In bed! Then I dreamed of what I could enjoy the following day…

[I need to add that I also consumed two prunes and therefore had less than 1 cup of the after-dinner vanilla ice cream. Changing up my diet meant I was going to need a bit of help in that department. Apologies for TMI, but figured this is important information to share.]

the military diet
1 small apple, 1 slice of cheese, 5 saltine crackers
the military diet
1 slice of toast, 1 cooked egg
the military diet
1/2 banana, subbed tofu [same as above], 1 cup of ice cream

I was most excited about having milk and sugar in my coffee! Surprisingly I chose to sleep a little more rather than eat. Then I even prepped everything and limited my intake. Daniel and I indulged a bit more on day two off the diet, but we are still on the right track, and even lost a little more weight the day after our first off diet day. We are going to continue trying this out 3 days a week because the food is really great. But we all know it won’t last too long! Hopefully the smaller meals will rub off, though. I’ll keep you posted!

Conclusion: After 3 military diet days I lost 5 pounds. After my first non-diet day I was down another half pound. I expect to naturally go back up a couple pounds, but should go back down once we do another three days. Remember I’m just under five feet tall, so 5 pounds, to me, is a big deal!

Edit// I’m on my third week of the military diet. And am still down over 5 pounds with a one or two pound fluctuation depending on what I eat during my off days. 🙂 Daniel and I have decided to add a bit more protein [in the form of beans] to stay properly nourished.

Video footage:
Day One  //  Day Two  //  Day Three  //  Conclusion


If you try it let me know how it goes! Daniel has been pretty excited about his weight loss. I have to admit, I am much more comfortable in my jeans!




  1. Useful information. Lucky me I found your web
    site unintentionally, and I am shocked why this accident didn’t
    took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

    • three days isn’t much of a gamble. especially when you listen to your body. 🙂

      • The pesky thing about your body is that it starts talking to you when you already have a problem, not before that : )

        • True. Which is why Daniel and I decided to add more beans and spinach into the routine when we try it again. Thanks for your concern!

  2. There was an upcoming wedding in the family so I HAD to try this Military diet since it sounds promising enough. My sister also tried it along with me. Hmm, we’ve gone through the meal plans and it was surprisingly easy to follow. For one, the foods were readily available. I have half of them already in my kitchen, so no problem at all. My sister loves vanilla ice cream, so she was super excited to try the diet head on.
    The first 2 days were tougher than we care to admit. Maybe because my body is not used to eating too little calories at once. But kudos to the makers of the diet, though, all foods were healthy enough and you’ve just got to stick to the meal plans and you’ll be ok.
    I’ve substituted hotdogs for some plain fish (hate hotdogs!). For the rest of the set meals, there was no problem at all. I encouraged my sister to drink lots of water and we did some brisk walking, too.
    I’ve lost 7 pounds after the 3 day diet and I was quite happy. My sister lost merely 5 pounds, but she was also satisfied with the results.
    Since we were both fond of drinking coffee, we did a little bit of research to see for ourselves that coffee will not affect the outcome of our diet. Hope this helps!

    • i’m glad you saw results from the diet! the lack of sugar after day 1 had me spinning, but the ice cream saved me! haha definitely a nice quick plan for an upcoming event.

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