In My Bag: Date Night

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Date night: in my bag. #shop


Daniel and I do so many things separately that to us it doesn’t seem strange. I know quite a few people who are baffled at how independent we are. We do enjoy traveling together, but we also travel apart. He’ll go to happy hour or hang with friend while I will stay at home to blog. I’ll meet up with family, and he will stay home playing video games. Nothing to see here, folks.

Not everything we do apart is on purpose. Sometimes our jobs and commitments take up so much time that the only way to be together is to plan it.  I hadn’t seen Daniel much recently because he was helping with Homecoming, and with Thanksgiving coming up I had a lot of commitments, too. Since he was planning a camping trip, I knew we needed to schedule something soon or our time apart would surpass our time together.

Date night: in my bag. #shop


A typical “date” for Daniel and I is a meal [something veggie!] and some city exploring. Since it’s gotten chillier, spending time outdoors definitely means that the contents of my bag are altered a bit. As soon as there’s a tickle in my throat, I start downing the Emergen-C. Raspberry is my favorite Emergen-C flavor, so I keep a couple packets in my purse. It’s so easy to mix in at breakfast or dinner [when I usually feel a symptom coming on]. More Healthy Days, More Healthy Nights!

Date night: in my bag. #shop
1. Advil Tablet Vial // 2. ChapStick Total Hydration // 3. olloclip // 4. bobby pins // 5. my card
6. Emergen-C // 7. iPhone 6 Plus // 8. to-do list // 9. wallet

It’s getting pretty dry out, hence the ChapStick [age defying, 100% Natural]. But really, that’s in my purse year round. 🙂 Walking dogs has required me to keep ChapStick very handy. I especially notice it when I’m driving. I don’t know why, but as soon as I enter a car, all I can focus on is how dry my lips are! Okay, I occasionally pay attention to the road…ha!

I’m an Advil girl through and through. The original round tablets providing safe, effective pain relief for over 25 years. When I played roller derby, I carried a bigger bottle with me. Now I only need it for headaches or muscle soreness. The vial is the perfect size for my purse! And sometimes if I combine too many headache-causing foods together I need to take a couple. Seriously, my mom took me to the doctor when I was younger because I got headaches so frequently. The primary suspects: chocolate, peanut butter, and cheese. You’d be surprised how often I eat those within about an hour of each other!

Date night: in my bag. #shop


Most of the contents in my bag can be picked up very conveniently at Walmart. How are you staying healthy in this weather?



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