greetings from austin

greetings from austin mural

Time management has always been an issue [granted it’s made me amazing in a time crunch]. I tend to fill up my schedule without even realizing it, and then instead of working from home I have to get some chores done, take care of the dogs, etc. Since taking on extra work I feel like I haven’t had a real weekend in a few months. When my friend invited me along to Austin for her work trip I couldn’t say no. A quick little getaway sounded amazing. I happen to have a couple week days free and snatched up the opportunity to visit one of my favorite places and a few of my favorite people. 🙂

Reneé and I traditionally eat at Veggie Heaven and then drink bubble tea at Momoko. But it’s like my delicious Austin is disappearing! First VH closes, and now it seems like Momoko is headed in that direction. I’m so sad. At least Kerbey Lane is standing strong. All…6[?] of them? Which is where I had dinner that night – duh! 🙂


greetings from austin mural
Tumbleweeds HC sunnies  //  Bueno Shop Tshirt  //  Minnetonka boots
Cotton On leggings  //  Blank NYC jacket [seen here]


I should have been all gung ho about exploring new places the following day while my friend was at work, but I was enjoying the free time so much, I ended up back at the hotel. Don’t get me wrong, I did attempt to be one of the cool kids in a coffee shop.You know the type: giant headphones, hoodie, typing away on their macbook while nodding her head to whatever hipster tunes are playing. But alas, it wasn’t in the cards for me. I was carrying my purse, my laptop, and a cup of coffee in a porcelain cup. That was an accident waiting to happen. I didn’t see the creamer until I was already seated outside and didn’t much feel like carrying everything back inside with me Ugh. I’m the worst. To top if off it was cold, so I moved to the taco shop next door…where my eyes were burning for some reason. Back to the hotel I went! You can’t say I didn’t try. 🙂

Do you ever try working somewhere different? I used to study for tests at IHOP…



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