kitty cat costume contest – PLEASE VOTE

On a whim, I entered Rory into this costume contest and didn’t think anything of it – but she’s actually a finalist! Her competition is pretty steep, so I’d definitely appreciate your vote. It’s super easy!

Just click here, and then click “vote” for Purrincess Leia. 🙂

She deserves a year of free cat food after all of this, eh?

You can also vote tomorrow. I’ll shoot out a few reminders into social media land.

Thank you so much!!

Pumpkin outfit  //  Princess Leia buns  //  Chewbacca outfit

Christmas collar  //  Saint Patrick’s hat  //  Viking outfit [similar]

Sailor outfit  //  Pilgrim/Witch hat  //  Bunny ears

EDIT //  While Rory didn’t win, I definitely appreciate those of you that helped us out. 🙂