Bear World!

One of my absolute favorite parts of our trip out west was a brief visit to Bear World. It was $35 for Daniel and I to drive through the outdoor animal area, which wasn’t all that exhilarating. We saw some bears sleeping, one of them was walking pretty close to us, but I still felt bad for making Daniel drive us there.

On a whim, we went inside to see the gift shop and I’m so glad! Through the shop are the bear cubs. They are in a fenced in area, but close enough for ogling and photographs. Two of them were playing and it was the most adorable thing! One was gnawing on the other, they were rolling around, making little sounds. I stared for about 20 minutes before running back to the car for my camera.

Across from the cubs was a petting zoo, which normally I try to stay away from because of kids with grabby hands. There seemed to be a lull, so Daniel and I entered, and were immediately greeted by a very friendly deer. We obviously didn’t have food in our hands, but he/she just really liked the taste of our skin. And of course I let him/her give me kisses. 🙂

Within the petting zoo are quarter food machines. Some of the more conditioned animals actually hang around the machines in hopes that someone will insert a quarter and drop it all. Other animals wait until they hear the cranking and then run over. There was a boy that had just inserted a quarter and was getting ready to feed a deer, when a rather large pig that I was trying to photograph bolted toward the machine. Watching those chunky little legs was hilarious on its own, but when the boy looked up just as the pig was hurdling itself toward him and the machine…the expression on his face was the best. Daniel and I burst out laughing just as he screamed. The pig followed him around the rest of his visit. 🙂

Afterwards Daniel drove us 20 minutes south for a quick stop in Idaho Falls. We ate all of the fried potato things at Jaker’s, and I drove us back to Salt Lake City. I can’t wait to share the beautiful mountain photos! Those are on their way. 🙂

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