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My friends and family have recently discovered a love for Brooklyn Bean Roastery after receiving a few samples for a “Tasting Party.” I was sad that I couldn’t join in since I’ve never tried Black and White Cookie! So far my favorite roasts have been the breakfast blends, which is lucky because I’m currently doing a giveaway for a 24 pack!

The theme of the giveaway is Back to School. Which works out perfectly because so many of my friends and family are teachers! While I would ask how do you wake up and make it out the door in time – in the spirit of “Back to School”

What is your sure fire way of waking up the kids and getting out the door on time?

Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget. It’s going on until the end of the month! And make sure to leave a mandatory blog comment [anonymous works, just leave your name!] answering the question above. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you don’t have kids, let’s say you were babysitting. haha! What would you do? 

And make sure to take advantage of all of the bonus entries. They are easy peasy. ๐Ÿ™‚
Contest open to those with a U.S. address.

Good luck!!

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  1. Do as much the night before, prep lunches, pick out clothes, get them to bed early (all in a perfect world right?)…ha!

  2. I must have been very lucky but mine were never a problem. Now the adults? The smell of bacon frying generally gets everyone to the kitchen!

  3. Using extra incentives not to sleep in, like making the last person to the breakfast table have to wash the dishes!

    Geoff K
    gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

  4. They can set an alarm when they are older on their phones and put it across the room so they have to get up to get it. Also get to bed early enough Rosanne

  5. It's easier on me to prepare the night before. It's easier on them if they're excited for where we're going.

  6. Getting as much stuff done the night before as possible, and its easier if I get up before them and do any other last minute things
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  7. I have to annoy my daughters out of bed but I make sure they go to bed at a decent time the night before and that means them turning in their electronics at bedtime so I know they won't get on them after bedtime.

  8. Try not to yell! it only gets everybody mad . I set the time five minutes a head to mess with my kids head.

  9. My children are all grown now. However, when they were younger I used to wake up before them and make sure everything was ready for them when they woke up.

  10. I don't have kids, but I make sure I get out of the house on time by choosing my clothes the night before.

  11. Everything is done the night before: homework and backpacks packed up, any practice or gym clothes packed up, lunches made and in the fridge and clothes to wear laid out on dressers! Makes my only job in the morning breakfast!

  12. I tell them they will get on the bus in their PJ's if their not ready on time.

  13. I am always tempted by the bucket of ice water…..but I compromise by starting early. I know it will take more time than I think so I always add in an extra half hour.

  14. Having outfits ready to go and letting them dress themselves is the way to go to getting out the door on time.

  15. My daughter loves school and I have no problem waking her up. Me, on the other hand, need two cups of coffee before I get out the door!

  16. Settting the alarm an additional 30 minutes on the early side has always worked for me.

  17. I hate to say it, but I'm a morning person. I never have a problem getting up & going in the morning…and neither do my kids. They get themselves up. I set my alarm for 5:20am, but usually wake up just before it goes off anyways.

  18. I have no children, but my great dane is a SUPER SLEEPER. If he's allowed in bed (boyfriends been hunting for two weeks, so he's been in bed!), he will stay there until you makeeee him get up. So. I usually just open the back door and tell him I'm going outside and THEN he will come running. #Lazy

  19. I don't have kids? I used to get up when I worked by putting the alarm clock far away from me so I had to walk across the room to wake up.

  20. I get most things ready the night before. In the morning I wake them up and tell them they need to be ready 15 minutes before we actually need to go.

  21. Singing. I know that I have a beautiful singing voice, they just dont agree. Mwahahaha

  22. I get as much done the night before as I can and always make sure backpacks are ready to go by the back door.
    Laurie Emerson
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

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