summer reading 2015

I know my “reading” posts aren’t the most popular, but I love keeping records. Often times I’ll look through my own blog for a title or a sequel to read! Plus, those who are interested usually give me some great recommendations, too!
So, here we go. 🙂

Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed.

My friend Paula recommended this book to me. It was so good! And frustrating! I became so passionate about the plot and characters that I’d have to put the book down and vent to Daniel about it. I don’t want to give anything away, but it definitely has to do with arranged marriages.

Blackout by Robison Wells.

I can’t believe it’s almost been 3 years since I read my first Robison Wells novel, Variant. I actually purchased this book from the Scholastic book fair at my old job when I realized Wells had a new novel. And then the sequel to Blackout was released! It’s only in hardcover at the moment so I’m thinking about checking it out from the library. Haven’t done that in a while!


Find Your Voice by Sahar Paz.

My friend Megan recommended this book to me – she’s actually working on Sahar’s PR. This book came into my hands at the perfect time! I had recently quit my job and then finished Written in the Stars. It’s a very motivational read, based on Sahar’s upbringing in Iran and new life in America. I’m actually still reading it and am almost done! 🙂 I love it so far because, while it’s also a memoir, it functions like a workbook that helps you find your own inner voice. See? Perfect timing. 🙂

One section that really spoke to me was her description of PTSD. It’s crazy to think that even my own experience of being bullied could take a long time to work through and cause such self doubt.

Ok, let me have it. Do you have any recommendations? What have you been reading lately?