Retirement partying with ANEW wine

When one retires from roller derby, there’s this little fear…will I see my “new” friends again? I’m such an introvert, it definitely passes through my mind often. Luckily, my friends aren’t as hermit-like as myself. Upon receiving a shipment of ANEW wine I asked if they’d like to share my goodies and they were down.

Friday let me come over with my big ol’ box of ANEW Riesling and Rosé. I brought a few light cheeses, crackers, and olives to go along with the blends – which she also had sitting out. Yummy! And some very pretty figs. Friday is very good with the presentation. Adding some delicious [and pretty] wine to the mix was the finishing touch. 🙂

We all drank from both bottles. Each blend was light and refreshing. Perfect for a hot summer night. The Riesling was definitely sweet, so we stuck to the Rosé. The fruity blend went perfectly with our cheese, olives, and figs. I think I’ll save the Riesling for dinner some night. It would pair nicely with a salty dish – perhaps some pasta! Which I’m craving now.

It was so much fun! I figured we’d watch a movie together, or a show – but all we did was talk! About roller derby [duh], our “good” side [and why it’s our good side??], there was even a lot of friendly advice passed around. At the end of the night – when we realized it was almost midnight – we made plans to hang out again. Thank goodness for active friendships [as opposed to my lazy butt!].

Thanks so much to ANEW wines for sponsoring our get-together. I wouldn’t mind making this a tradition. Not one bit. And while there may not be free tanks, totes, and glasses to hand out each time, you can bet there will be wine! 🙂

How cute is this photo of Friday and Bronx?



  1. I love nights with good friends and good wine! This looks so fun and the wine looks delicious!

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