Houston Roller Derby #17hours [part3]

Recap: My family and cousins drove 17 hours from Miami to Houston to surprise me and finally see me play roller derby.

The cheering section at my final game was just amazing. First off, there was the 17 hours crew, my in-laws flew in, my dad was there, camera in hand, my sister, her boyfriend, Daniel of course, with that huge smile, more friends, former co-workers, and my crossfit family. No wonder I had my best game ever. I was radiating with so much love and support.

While I was warming up [we have to arrive 3 hours early], Sandy, Ely, and Yuliette were busy making signage. And the came out so dang cool! Sandy has won contests with her signs, Ely added a skate to the mix, and Yuliette made an interactive brass knuckle sign seen below. Three of us are retired skaters now. The amazing Voodoo, my derby wife Smack, and myself.

It was the best game they could all attend because we played the Brawlers, my favorite team to play. We haven’t won a game all season, but our games have been close and incredible to watch and be a part of. The team has grown so much this season, despite losing folks last season and unexpectedly this year. Then all of a sudden we busted our butts and won, putting us in third place. Best retirement ever. 🙂 I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned in these last 5 years through roller derby!

Beardo club. Before they cut out the brass knuckles! See below. 😛

Thanks to my family and friends for the photographs. Most are stolen. 🙂



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