farewell to the first day

Today is the first day of school for many, many people around these parts. Teachers make their way to work, ready to greet a new year of new kiddos. Their classroom is prepared, their syllabi are printed, outfits freshly ironed, giant smiles everywhere! Students make the bleary eyed journey, too. Excited and nervous – will they have a class with their BFF? Lunch? Is the famous Mr. Becker their math teacher?? 🙂

Welp. This year is different for me. This is my first year, since joining the full-time workforce 9 years ago, that I have not had a first day of school. But you know what’s weird? I’m not even sure I want one at the moment.

While I deeply cherish the memories I made in the classroom [and out!], I think that my recent situation with bullying may have turned me off to the politics that come with education. Perhaps one day I shall return – maybe one day soon. But for now, on this first day of school, I am off to Europe. I am flying to Paris with my parents. Then Prague. And Madrid.

Treasure&Bond sweater  //  handmade ring  //  fox necklace  //  Cykochik Love Bunnies Tote  //
Little Ray of Sunflower rose pins  //  similar fedora  //  Shoemint rainboots

Join me on my travels!

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  1. So you come all the way to Europe but you don't come to the UK. So rude! have an amazing trip lovely lady!!

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