shout out to this guy

There comes a time when I really wish I had Daniel around.
Like this weekend! When I have to partner up with someone else in my scuba
class. I want my buddy! He’s the best! These are the moments when I am reminded
that, gosh, I’m lucky to have him around.

Daniel helps me oh-so much. Whether I can’t reach something,
or I just need some blog input. No matter how much it annoys him, he helps me
with this second job of mine.

For example, usually I’m too embarrassed to ask for help
when it comes to an outfit post, but there are times when I am not. And during
those times it’s Daniel who I pester. He kneels down with the camera
[because I’m short, y’all] and snaps away. He even gets bossy and corrects my posture, or
tells me to fix my hair. You can tell he’s a pro at this point!
And here’s what truly makes me thankful. Twice a year, when I return from
Miami, I am always an emotional mess. The entire drive home! This time around was probably the worst.
I tried telling him about some of the stuff he missed but ended up sitting
there with tears streaming down my face. He just drove us home like a champ,
and then dealt with the dogs while I wallowed.
And taking care of the dogs is right up there with buying me a pint of ice cream and not judging me as I devour it in one sitting. Well, maybe right below the ice cream bit. 🙂
He may not be featured around these parts much, but he’s around. I still haven’t 100% convinced him that I am not stealing his soul through my photographs. Well, not his entire soul…