Franklin, TN – my favorite accessories

One of my favorite parts of Franklin, Tennessee was how laid back small town it was. We stayed in an airbnb that was pretty out in the country – a great place to wake up! The family had the best yard. As I prepared for the day, Daniel sat by the water and read. I love slow mornings. The sun came in through the windows, no other light necessary, as I did my makeup and my hair while sipping on coffee and listening to Depeche Mode.

similar Vegetarian dino tee  //  Macy’s culottes  //  similar fedora  //  Greek sandals  //

Little Ray of Sunflower hairpins [on hat] //  Jord wood watch  //  Bueno Shop ring

These are a few of my favorite accessories. Daniel teases me because I’ve been wearing the combination for about a month straight. I love the Jord watch and get compliments on it all the time! I know the wool hat is too warm for summer…maybe I can find something similar made of lighter material.

What are your staples lately?

Wood Watches by JORD


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