Birmingham, AL Breweries

For some reason, Daniel and I wanted to stop in Birmingham, Alabama. Once the decision was made, I looked for places to grab a bite and ended up spotting a few breweries nearby. This pizza place was right next to the first brewery we hit, so we hung out there for a while. Post Office Pies was pretty busy – there were a lot of graduations going on that day. I loved the decor! Especially the large chalkboard walls and light fixtures. We got a Margherita pizza that Daniel ended up finishing on the drive later.

The brewery next door was Avondale, and their logo is an elephant if you couldn’t tell. 🙂 We wanted to enjoy our drinks out back where it was nice and open, but there was an event going on. Daniel tried a couple different beers and I found one that I enjoyed. It was decided that I was driving, so I drank about half and gave the rest to D. 🙂 After talking to the “bouncer” for a while, he recommended Good People Brewing, so we went on our merry way.

This place was ultra hip, and so many people had their dogs with them! I was in heaven. I wanted to spend a lot more time here in the shade, dog-watching, enjoying half of another beer [haha], and having great conversations with Daniel. We hung out a while before deciding we needed to finish up our drive in order to watch the Rockets game. This guy I married – huge fan!

Are there any cool breweries in your area? There are quite a few in Houston!


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