Nashville Tourism Day Two

Because Daniel and I weren’t really into the historical/museum type tourism of Tennessee, we basically just foodied out on day 2. 🙂 There were so many restaurant/bar recommendations from friends that we primarily went for what was closest.

A friend had recommended Barista Parlor, so that’s where we went for breakfast. They had all kinds of fancy coffee, and I definitely asked a barista for help reading the menu. The coffee was great! I couldn’t taste the fanciness of it all, but that just might be my unrefined palate. haha What I will say is that the breakfast was delicious. All I had was an egg and cheese biscuit, but holy crap if that biscuit wasn’t melt-in-your-mouth amazing.

Quite a few things were closed on Memorial Day, which I tweeted about, and my pal Beca of Tumbleweeds HC replied. I thought she and Doug had left town, but they were still nearby at some thrift/antique shops! One of the most interesting shops, pictured below, is Cool Stuff Weird Things. So many amazing signs! You’ll quickly notice all of the old school signage around Nashville. No wonder it’s nicknamed Nashvegas. haha! Daniel and I met up with them after breakfast and hung out for a good while. We perused a few thrift stores, and watched as Doug attempted some skateboard tricks on kiddie boards, and then ran away after he broke one. haha! I’m so glad I was able to spend time with both of them after being e-friends for so long. They are just as kind and chill in person as they are on the interwebs.

We had some time to kill before dinner, so Daniel and I wandered over to 3 Crow Bar, another recommendation. I pretty much checked everything out on Yelp constantly, and discovered that they have a popular frozen drink called the Bushwacker. It kind of tasted like a less-sweet buttery nipple – something you can handle a whole glass of. 🙂 Daniel and I split one because I had already had one beer, and yaknow, #smallfry.

Speaking of beer, we pretty much stuck to Nashville-area brewed beer the whole trip: Yazoo, Fat Bottom, Turtle Anarchy, Black Abbey, and Jackalope. [full list here]

We had originally planned on two dinners because it was our last day, but City House ended up being closed. The bartender at Corsair said if there is one place you eat at in Nashville, it has to be City House. Next time!! Based on a friend’s recommendation and reading the Yelp reviews, we dined at The Wild Cow on our last night. Completely vegetarian menu and it was seriously so delicious, I will always always always return for those tacos. And the cashew hummus….we cleaned that bowl out. Looked like it hadn’t even been used yet. 🙂

We spent the rest of the evening watching the Rockets game at Beyond the Edge sports bar. I kind of wish we had checked to see if the game was playing at 3 Crow Bar, but we had an early morning of driving ahead of us…and a few late night phone calls to let us know our house was flooding. Yikes!

Tiny House