concert night outfitting

I was seriously just going to wear my “I Hate Mondays” grumpy cat t-shirt to the concert, until I printed the tickets and was reminded that “oh ya! We are going to Jones Hall!” I’ve only ever seen musicals at Jones Hall! How fun would it be to check out a very chill concert there? So instead of jeans and a tshirt, I got to spruce up a bit – a pretty exciting thing now that I get to dress very down every day for work. 🙂

Usually at shows/concerts I have my phone out and take a few photos and videos, but I was a lot more timid about it in this venue! Which is actually a really good thing. Really good! I didn’t see many cell phone lights distracting from the show itself, and I definitely relaxed more, too, once I realized that thinking about all of the things I needed to do was pointless since I wasn’t about to whip out my “notes” app any time soon. That’s probably why I read so much more when I travel. Lack of signal = less distraction. Hm.

Daniel and I went to a Sujan Stevens show. I got into his music after college, thanks to Daniel of course. I actually haven’t heard much of his new music, but I didn’t mind. The lighting effects were gorgeous and the tunes were mellow.

Rocksbox ring and necklace  [info on free month here]  //  Bueno shop Texas key necklace  //  Bonlook glasses  //
Old Navy denim  //  Francesca’s pleather skirt  //  Freebirds boots  //  Cykochik clutch  //

It got me thinking that I’d like to see The Faint again. Any good bands I should check out?