branding and social media class

Yesterday I took a branding at social media class at the Sugar and Cloth studios. Ashley and Christian [of 1924us] led the event, and it was very informative! I got there just in time to get distracted by the beautiful white room filled with sweets, pastels, and 29 other people ready to learn, before finding a seat.

The main focus of the event was finding your brand. I had to keep manipulating ideas in my head because my brand is me. I am not selling anything specific [anymore], offering any services, just displaying my life for your viewing pleasure. Blogging is weird like that, eh? 🙂 And so is Instagram! Which was the main social app we focused on. People want instant gratification, and while I still enjoy scrolling through a good blog, I am usually on my phone, and scrolling a feed is quicker. I was surprised to hear that most audience members use Instagram over Facebook, whereas I use both pretty frequently… I feel a lot more pressure from my posts on Instagram, though. I want to post what people like most, but don’t want to drive away my real friends. It’s a constant push and pull. 🙂

Along with the plethora of great information, which I am excited to organize, I also met a couple really nice people, received a cool t-shirt, a Houston tote bag, and a few other cool items inside!

sweets by paperflourink


p.s. in case you missed it. my hair is purple now.