almost summer

See that hat I’m holding/wearing? All the Above makes clothes and accessories with inspiring messages on each piece. I chose this cap because within it there’s a quote:

“Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our direction.” 

Wow. Can you tell which ankle is swollen??

Switching jobs freed my mind and shoulders from the pressure and the weight. Everyone I run into says I seem so much happier! The mental battle is over, but as my body continues to ache, and other joints start weakening, I decided that this would be my last year of roller derby. I have sustained a couple minor injuries this season, and we are just a little over halfway through. I’ll definitely be making the most of my last few months with my teammates, while also taking better care of myself! 🙂

Let’s play a game called I spy…derby bruises.

Speaking of injuries, I recently rolled my ankle [the puffy one in above!]. It’s still pretty swollen, especially after Saturday’s game, so walking in flats is pretty much out of the question. But I didn’t want to stroll the beach in sneakers! Enter my Vionic flip flops. 🙂 They have incredible arch support and enough lift to take the pressure off my ankle. The fact they they’re adorable is just a perk.

All the Above “Inspired by the Wind”  hat  //  Vionic Tide flip flops  //  Volcom shorts  //  Forever 21 top [borrowed from Sandy!]
//  vintage belt  //  Jord wood watch [more on that soon!]

I am so grateful for the last 5 years of roller derby. I learned so much about the sport, about myself, and I’ve made so many amazing friends! Roller derby makes be feel strong, confident, and athletic – an adjective I never thought would describe me. Once I retire, I will continue to work on my strength, and bettering myself, whether through Crossfit, running longer distances, and maybe digging a little deeper into Pure Barre classes. Who knows. I’ll definitely have the time though. 

Talk about winds of change in 2015, eh?