all of the bad luck

You guys!! This week has been crazy. I’ve never had such consistent bad luck. Nothing huge or life-changing, but definitely annoying and unfortunate.

First off, I was embarrassed to even mention this before, but Osa either found a dying squirrel, or killed a squirrel. We have a gang of squirrels in our backyard who are very good at hanging out near the giant tree or fence, an easy getaway path. It makes me wonder what happened this time, that allowed her to possibly catch one? She had a pretty bad limp on Monday night because of our earlier run that day. She had also been a bit too interested in a bush in the yard, so I kept calling her back inside. Maybe the squirrel was back there? I know Osa has a past, but I just don’t want to believe it. I was visiting my family, so Daniel saw it and had to deal with it. Poor guy. 🙁

Secondly, I returned to Crossfit on Tuesday after a 2 week hiatus [though I’ve maintained a somewhat spotty CF schedule lately anyway. le sigh]. I enjoyed the work out because it was box jump heavy, which I love. And then I hit my shin on the edge. OH the pain. It was temporary and I kept at it, but had to flip the box to a lower height for the last few jumps, before getting over the mental block, and going back to 24 inches. My shin is bruised, but fine.

Hello Wednesday. My desk is under a window to the backyard. A window in which several carpenter bees have decided to [literally] hole up. Have you seen a carpenter bee? They are BIG and black, with the circumference of maybe a dime, about half an inch long. Big suckers. Daniel has killed a few off with insecticide, but there are a few females [big yellow stripe, aggressive] that still remain. The exterminator gave us some advice, which is still in the works, but the buzzing makes me crazy. So I went outside to spray when a female divebombed me. I turned to run and slipped on the rain from earlier that morning. I hit my shin, ankle, scraped my elbow and thigh. Oy. I was fine! But frustrated. AND THEN during a normal warm up at roller derby practice, we were side-stepping back and forth across the track, I misstepped and fell, and rolled my ankle in the process. No amazing story, just plain clumsiness. I remember rolling my ankle in middle school. It was super weak for a few minutes, but I bounced right back. Enter adult life. I skated around to see how I felt…my ankle was weak but I could put pressure on it, etc. I didn’t want to let my team down because we are down so many players, so I scrimmaged. I didn’t push super hard because, hello.
Meanwhile, Daniel was walking the dogs, which I didn’t realize until I got home and checked my text messages: “Dang you almost ran me over.” I was so concerned with getting home and icing my ankle I didn’t see him about to cross the street at the stop sign. OOPS.

So far I have confined myself to bed this morning [work from home for the win!]. I’ve only gotten up for breakfast, ice, and lunch, which doesn’t grant me much opportunity to screw up. I used one of my breaks/kitchen-shuffles to attempt revenge on the carpenter bees. Spraying them from the safety of my back door… My only mistake thus far was logging into work incorrectly, which made my break happen a bit later than expected. I had been waiting to refresh my ice pack.

On the bright side! Tomorrow is Friday and this weekend will be full or family and resting. AND GOOD LUCK. Or at least NOT bad luck please. That would be great!!

Have you ever had a week like this?? Because seriously whaaaat??




  1. Oh my word, I hate weeks like that! I hope your ankle continues to heal quickly! I'm sure your weekend will be MUCH better. 🙂

  2. I remember one day that I twisted my ankle waking up from bed AND my wrist rising from the sofa a few hours later… like, really? hehehe.
    Terrible thing about the bees, though… I never know how to deal with bug, specially agressive ones…
    Take care of that foot, and… good luck!! :*

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