Don’t you just hear the intro to that song?? aaaaahahhahahaaaawwwwiiipeout!!!! I gotta say, The Wipeout Run has been one of my favorite runs so far. And not because it was crazy difficult [hello, Tough Mudder!], because it wasn’t, but it was hilariously fun! Don’t get me wrong, a couple of the obstacles were hard! They aren’t all in water, but you definitely get very wet by the end! Especially on the last obstacle….

This is the *only* GoPro shot I got before it died!

Everything is bouncy house material, which makes it unstable and hard to balance on! But also makes it extremely comical! And also soft enough that falling shouldn’t be scary. ๐Ÿ™‚ There were a couple relatively easy obstacles that simply required a running start onto a wet/foamy slide [there were a lot of slides!]. Your job was to get fast enough to carry yourself across. The foam was helpful! There was one wooden wall to climb, which I loved. And other steep bouncy walls to climb, with rope assistance. I was proud of myself on the rope swing…the attendant said to grab as high as you can and jump…ya, no. You gotta grab above the knot!! Or else you’ll just get rope burn and/or faceplant like a lot of people were doing.

One of the more difficult obstacles requires walking across a blow up wall with a giant rubber cylinder spinning [perpendicular to crossers] over it. You had to run/walk and duck, run/walk and duck. Eventually it just felt like I was hopping up and down! I said, “Screw it! I’m crawling!” Kinda lame, but it was only like the last 1/4 of the way. haha

The most difficult obstacle they save for last! The water level is 4 feet high [shorter than me!] and you there are three blow up tubes with very little surface area to cross. The middle tube seemed like the best idea for crossing, but because of line-lengths, my group split up and I was on an end. The balls weren’t swinging back and forth, they were spinning in a very wide circle. Two of them. I passed one and stopped to wait for the other to go by….and then it arced straight into me! I fell and grabbed the tube hoping to get back up….and instead did a slow-motion slide into the water. Lame!! hahaha I had seen a few people get across while I was waiting at the start of the race…while I was stomping my feet because my GoPro died before the race even started! My fault. Blah.
Luckily one of the girls I was running with had her family with her and they were kind enough to snap some photos. Yay!

There were a few lines, yes, but they stagger your waves release so that a group goes about every 5 minutes. You run almost a full mile before the first obstacle, which then allows the released group to separate even more. Less wait times! Genius! And the emcees at each obstacle and at the start had loads of energy to keep you in high spirits, even if you did wait like 5 minutes. It’s fun watching people fall/almost fall, anyway. Some hilarious people watching [“OHHH!!!” “eeek!” “yay!!!”] for sure.

Do you like to run? Have you done any particularly fun obstacle course runs??


p.s. The best part?? NO MUD! ๐Ÿ™‚



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