what i wore: spring in Houston

Wow! I haven’t shared a “Currentlies” since January!

Working on: I really didn’t expect for it to take about 2 months to adjust to my new work schedule! I finally started keeping somewhat of a workout routine, and the running has been consistent! Yay! As far as blog work, I am just about done with my media kit. Pretty exciting stuff!

Anticipating: I am such a little planner…but for some reason I keep putting off any further 2 year anniversary planning [Memorial Day wkend].  I need to get on it because if we want to roadtrip to Tennessee, our ducks need to be in a very neat little row. Got any suggestions?? I’ve never been! šŸ™‚

Listening to: I set up an old radio in my office so I can catch NPR in the mornings, although streaming works, too. šŸ™‚ Last week, thanks to binge-watching some Dancing with the Stars with my mom, I was listening to Dangerous by David Guerra [+ Sam Martin] and Bailando by Enrique and a couple Cuban dudes [who actually came out with the song first]. Both of these songs on repeat. And randomly had a little dance party. Daniel walked in on me and teased me all week.

Eating: Ugh. I was doing so well! I mean I haven’t been eating garbage, but I need to hit the grocery store again and stock up on some good snacks, etc. Also get back to cooking. I spend my breaks and lunch taking care of chores and the animal care…and haven’t had time to cook anymore. Girl rant: I work out so much that it kills me how my metabolism has so drastically slowed down. I don’t want to give up my sweets. šŸ™

Tumbleweeds HC sunnies  // Bueno Shop ring  //  Minnetonka leather cords [I made the bracelet]

Thankful for: My new job and it’s flexibility! I volunteered to stagger my schedule with the other teachers, which means I finish for the summer on June 26th. BUT I don’t start back until mid-September. So cool! I’m going to Europe with my parents! Woohoo! And more short-term, I might be working from Austin for a few days later this month. šŸ™‚

Reading: I started Decent and it’s really good so far! It’s about a girl who is kidnapped. At first I was speed reading to try and find out what the heck happened [you’ll see what I mean], but now I’ve been able to slow down a bit, though it’s still frustrating. I feel like I’d prefer reading the paperback version vs Kindle because I could flip back and forth.

Watching: I like playing Gilmore Girls [re-re-re-rewatch??] in the background at work! And in the evenings I’ve been watching Alias. Can you believe I never watched it before?? I guess I was too obsessed with Felicity or Buffy or something. šŸ˜›

H&M top [thanks, Ely!]  //  Langford Market shorts  //  Shoemint oxfords  //  Tumbleweeds sunnies

In case you missed it, Tumbleweeds Handcraft has some special sunglasses for sale. Read about them here. [[bunny ears here]]



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  1. I just went through all my shorts again today to see which ones still fit! Oh Houston springtime, you're so humid already šŸ™ Your job sounds dreamy btw I love hearing about it!

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