what i wore: breakfast in Houston

Usually I try to sleep in any chance I get, but the exterminator came by, so I was up around 8am [on a Saturday!]. Daniel told me I could use leaving the house as a photo-op. He knows me so well…
I threw on these leggings via Memoí, my comfiest Minnetonka mocs, and a Stitchfix top. My biggest struggle is always jewelry. Since I’m between Rocksboxes, I grabbed my temp tattoos as jewelry. 🙂

“Don’t you ever go anywhere that isn’t Montrose?” That’s what my mom asked me when I told her where Daniel and I had eaten breakfast. “But it’s where all the good food is!” haha It’s true! My favorite breakfast/brunch venues are in the Montrose area of Houston. This morning it was La Guadalupana. Daniel and I have only been once or twice for the coffee and almond croissants. I had read on Yelp that these items are a must. After scarfing down half of our breakfast sandwiches, we ordered a few baked goods and a bag of their famous cinnamon coffee and went on our merry way.

MeMoí leggings  //  Tumbleweeds sunnies  //  similar temp tats  //  similar owl necklace  //  Michael Tatom fox ring  //  Minnetonka mocs

Thanks to this guy for taking so many of my outfit photos. And also accompanying me to breakfast.

Speaking of coffee, I am a brand ambassador for Brooklyn Bean Roastery [BBR] and it’s totally awesome! I started drinking their coffee [k-cups] a few months ago and applied for the program. I’m so glad I was chosen because it’s a subject that comes quite naturally to me. 🙂 If you have a Keurig or similar machine, and would like to give BBR a try leave a comment with your email address! I’ll get your info and have them send you a few k-cups for free. 🙂 I don’t get paid, I just love their coffee and the company. 🙂 Give their FB page a like and you can enter to win a box of coffee weekly. I won before becoming an ambassador for sharing a photo on St. Patty’s day.  🙂 Let me know if you are interested!

Happy Monday!


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