TWHC collab: PAWS for a Cause

It’s no secret that I am so in love with animals. If Osa didn’t have anxiety, I’d probably be fostering a few sweet babies at all times. Beca and I connected over social media because of our mutual love towards furry [and non furry] cutie-pies. I had also purchased a few pairs of Tumbleweeds Handcraft sunglasses and knew that she and Doug are great people with great products!

I emailed Beca with an idea of some kind of animal themed sunglasses. I was thinking paws [cat/dog], or a little bone. There were all kinds of butterflies in my tummy because I wasn’t sure if I had crossed some e-friendship line, or maybe she was too busy, or it was a dumb idea. Nobody likes rejection and I was so nervous! Her response contained so much excitement and enthusiasm about the idea that I probably smiled all day! Maybe even all week. I couldn’t shut up about it! I took a plunge and Beca was super supportive! Not only had she and Doug agreed to make the PAWS for a Cause sunglasses, they are also donating 10% of the proceeds to the animal rescue I support monthly in Houston, as well as another 10% to their local animal rescue, PAWS, in Steinhatchee, Florida.

On my tee: “I want to pet all of the dogs.” #duh šŸ˜›

asianicandy socks  //  glitter converse  //  volcom shorts via Soundwaves  //

TWHC PAWS for a cause sunnies  //  cat ring  //  Mark Poulin dog necklace via uncommongoods  //  handmade bracelet

Beca and Doug’s generosity and kindness has inspired me to make my own donation to their local animal rescue. Whether you have your own four-legged family members or not, I hope that you consider donating every once in a while. It’s painful to think about how many sweet animals are suffering with no voice to express it or seek help.



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