summer plans

It’s beginning to feel a lot like….summer! Maybe it’s the ridiculous weather, but I am ready. I’ll most likely visit my family in Miami because love and stuff. 😛 I’m also really excited to hit up Europe with my parents. Because of my new work schedule I can tag along with them. Hooray!
Unfortunately Daniel will be working at that point, but distance does make the heart grow fonder, right? He’ll get plenty of fun souvenirs. 🙂
The first leg of the journey lands us in Paris for a couple days. Since I’m arriving a few hours before my parents, I booked a bicycle tour. Did I ever tell you about that time I accidentally tipped a tour guide $100 instead of $10?? Great folding job on that bill. NEVER AGAIN.
Anyway, I am so excited! Then comes Prague, where I’ve never been, and Madrid. Pretty stoked!!

Dinner at my friends’ house the other night got me craving that warm weather. It felt like a summer night. We had dinner outside, a few drinks, and then decided to go on a skating/biking journey to the park! There was laughter, music, and swinging – my favorite! The evening ended with an accidental workout, indeed. But now I’m also anxious about [dun dun dUUNNNN] bathing suit season. Ugh. Barf.
Daniel and I did our 10K this weekend and it went really well. I think I’ll try and shoot for longer distances on my own runs! Maybe if we run together it’ll be better. My biggest issue is I get so bored….Do you listen to a podcast or something?

Sampson enjoyed our friend’s pool. He was the only one. The water was still too chilly for humans!

Do you have any advice in regards to a) Paris, Prague, Madrid or b) enjoying running, or c) bathing suits?! Please share! haha 🙂




  1. Riding bikes in Paris was one of my very favorite things in life. You're going to love it!!!

  2. I'm not a runner but I do walk and bike a lot. I've started to do audio books. I love to read and love stories so audio books work well for me. I only allow myself to listen while I'm exercising… so it's good motivation for me to keep moving. I haven't found a thrifty way to do this but since i don't have a gym membership, this is something I splurge on for exercising.

  3. A couple of things:
    1. For long runs, podcasts can be fun (Nerdist & Loveline are my go-to), but always have a fun music playlist to tap into when you need to energizer.
    2. Madrid is my heart & soul!!
    Incredible place to eat: Malaspina (, I was in Madrid for a few days and wound up eating there 3x it was that good.
    Prado: free after 6pm! There's a great spot to get coffee/wine and churros w/chocolate nearby called La Plateria (
    Parque del Retiro & glass palace.
    Me & my husband also watched a Real Madrid game & toured the Stadium, if you are insane about the sport would recommend.

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