[you have to say it like Billy Madison. :)]

I’ve been in a reading rut! Netflix, internet, Instagram,
VINE – such a distraction! My friend Paula recommended Descent and I couldn’t
put it down! Now I’m bummed it’s over. Haha

It’s an intense thriller about a girl who is kidnapped and
how her family deals, etc. It takes a few chapters before you find out what
really happened, and then it just keeps getting better and better!
Anyway, I suck at describing novels, but just know I
recommend it. 🙂
I’m still pushing through Yes, Please. It’s not quite the
memoire I expected [Bossypants, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without me? Etc] but I
love Amy Poehler so much I need to finish it. 🙂

Do you have any good reads you can recommend? I’d like to pick up another thriller, YA, or maybe Lena Dunham’s memoire? How’s #Girlboss?




  1. Yes to Lena Dunham's book! I also was not impressed with Yes, Please. My expectations were high and I don't really care about name dropping but I do love Amy Poehler so I also finished it. 😉 (& I read the title like Billy Madison and then read your first line. ha!)

  2. I seriously just finished #Girlboss last week and cannot stop thinking about it! I definitely want to say check that ish out fo sho!

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