not hurting my animals :)

You know what is kind of amazing? I do most of the things on this
t-shirt. While I haven’t physically saved an animal in a few months, donating
monthly to a great cause helps to save and nourish a few pups. 

Sometimes, when I post photos of my animals in “costume,”
I get a few comments like, “aw poor dog,” etc, that make me feel
kinda awful. My dogs [and cat] lead such great and lucky lives that I don’t
think there’s any harm in teaching them a few tricks, patience, or giving them
a “job.” When working with my furry friends I speak lovingly and treat often.
They know what’s going on, they know what is to come. You catch more flies with
honey and all. 🙂
Rory pretty much has three
expressions: curious, sleepy/asleep, and angry…and curious only comes out when
she thinks it’s breakfast or supper time, so she definitely makes it seem like
she’s miserable. I will admit that in the backyard
in costume does scare her a bit, but inside, she couldn’t care less.

Nordstrom JR’s hat  //  handpainted Toms  //  LOFT jeans  //  J. Simpson denim jacket  //
RoboRoku cat brooch  //  Tumbleweeds sunnies  //  Rocksbox necklace  //  H&M flower clip

Try a month of Rocksbox for free with code roxyrodriguezxoxo – more info here.

So for the record! No animal
is hurt in the making of my blog posts. I just love them way too much. And remember
this when I post their cute Avenger outfits on Thursday. Haha!



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  1. Do people really say that to you? Because animals in costumes or clothes is LITERALLY MY FAVORITE! I think it's adorable and silly of people to think "poor thing" when they see your pictures. I'll just be over hear squealing with delight every time you post pictures of pets in costume 🙂

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