hanger: the struggle is real

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The other
day, Daniel and I were having a blast out with some friends. We spent the
morning together doing a fun run, and then continued hanging out through the
afternoon. This is so rare for us! As the night wore on, I could tell I was
getting a little grumpy. I wasn’t joking very much, and took too many things
Daniel said way too seriously.
When this
starts to happen, I often check myself. I take pride in the few fights Daniel
and I get into. Not that arguing within a relationship is frowned upon, but
when we do get into it, we tend to make up pretty quick. So when I start to
get a little huffy, first and foremost, I check the calendar. Sorry for the
TMI, but it’s realistic! Once I am aware, I can reel it back in.
Second? I wonder when my last meal was. Yep, hanger is a thing, my friend. And I was very, very hangry.

So back
to the occasion at hand. Daniel and I were having a blast, when he realized his
new sunglasses were missing. I was upset because they were a gift from me, and
he was upset because he had them just a few minutes ago. I know it wasn’t his fault,
but I just couldn’t drop it, even after he looked everywhere and asked around. Both of our moods took a dive, and we decided to
head out.
On the
way home, dinner came up. Oh ya, we hadn’t eaten since that morning after the
run… All of a sudden our spirits were lifted. I mean, I was still
seriously bummed about the sunglasses, but I stopped scouring my camera for the
last moment in time I saw them. I could think about something else! And once
the food was in my tummy I was ready to keep spending time with Daniel. We
ended up watching some Daredevil and calling it an early night.
I usually stick to fun-size regular SNICKERS®, but have you tried the peanut butter?? NOM.

When I
was little, my mom always carried mints, gum, or random pieces of candy in her
purse. She’d nibble on them if she was ever sleepy, but I use this same trick
to keep myself cheery. As soon as hanger peeks it’s ugly head, I can’t focus on
anything but the negative. I made the mistake of not carrying a purse on that very
long Saturday, and paid for it! Luckily I usually have my small
backpack and can fit a couple SNICKERS® in there so Daniel and I never have to
let the hanger interrupt our good times again.
What is your secret to keeping the good times rolling??
[Or maybe your favorite purse snack!]
I do my shopping at Kroger…where there are quite a few SNICKERS® purse-snacking options!
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  1. I have serious "hangry" issues girl 🙂 I, along with the other girls at work, keep a Halloween candy bowl full of mini snickers and other goodies at hand to prevent it hahaha! When I get hangry, I get really quiet and short, and don't like to be talked to…and then I eat-and I'm me again.

  2. Oh, girl… the hanger struggle is SO real! My mom always carries gum or sugary candies in her purse too, in case we are out running errands and are suddenly starving. It sneaks up on you, I'm telling ya! I can't wait to get my hands on one of those peanut butter Snickers, btw. Yum!

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