what I wore: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A while back I ordered some nail stickers from Emerging Thoughts. Buffy the Vampire Slayer stickers! I put them on just in time for the 18th anniversary of the show! And then I thought I’d get extra creative dorky and come up with a Buffy inspired outfit, because she was one cool chick. 🙂

Just doing some research in the…library! There’s a new icky monster thing that needs defeating!

A few years ago I totally fangirled out when they played a couple episodes in the park. The musical being the main event. Buffy and Spike were my favorite!
Speaking of Buffy’s loves, I was a little disappointed that Angel and Spike were left out of the nail stickers! Even Cordelia was included. I mean whaaaaat?

Anyway, I texted my sister and asked where her old karate weapons were. I only found the staff. haha And then a very dull “stake” to use as props. I’m super cool right??? Now I think I will watch the musical episode as I fall asleep…

I “sharpened” the stake in Photoshop. All ready for graveyard vamp-huntin’!

Langford Market top  //  Emerging Thoughts nail stickers  //  Rocksbox necklace  // Shoemint boots  //  Vintage leather jacket

The directions said to cut as close to the image as possible. Oops! I read that part afterwards.

When I started watching the show [junior high] I’d get pretty scared when my mom left to go pick my sister up [5 minutes away!] from school. hahaha Chump.




  1. Where's Oz? And Giles?! Boosauce. But that outfit it spot-on for Buffy and man do I miss watching that show now. Thanks!

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