Happy Pi Day!

I hope everyone had a lovely 3.14.15! ­čÖé
No cold, no rain. For now. Oh, Houston.
This is the first time that I haven’t had a Spring Break! And you know what? I didn’t mind! I spent most of the week dog-sitting Buster, which I totally love. She’s the best cuddler! It can be a pain driving back and forth, but I’ll always feel at home in my parents’ house. 
Even though I don’t work in a school, math is such a part of me, I can’t imagine my life without it somewhere. I love the step by step nature of the thing. Pi Day is the only time of year that I can celebrate my nerdy side. Well, this particular nerdy side. ­čÖé
Thanks to my dad for the math mug! More info on the Buffy nails here.

Charlotte Russe shorts  //  Asian iCandy socks  //  ShirtWoot tee  //  Keds sneakers  //  Bonlook glasses
p.s. next year will be a more accurate pi because it rounds correctly! haha



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