Beautiful Colorado Photodump

I am extremely thankful that I am able to visit Winter Park, Colorado on a yearly basis. Thanks to my friend Paula and her family for inviting and hosting us. My cousins also traveled to Colorado from Miami with a large group, so it was fun hanging with them, too! 🙂

Our first night in town, we went to the grocery store later than usual, and thank goodness we did. There was a fox roaming the lot for about an hour or so! I stayed outside watching, following, and kneeling until my hands got too cold. It was the best!

Daniel and I kicked it up a notch this trip! We tried to stick to blue slopes [intermediate] when we were on our own, and even explored a different side of the mountain. The moguls were tough but fun. At one point I lost my ski and it was so steep and the moguls were so high, it took me about 10-15 minutes to get it back on! Daniel was moving pretty slowly, too! Moguls are harder on a snowboard than skis. haha We went over so many bumps that I started trying to hop and made it a goal to catch as much air as I could on the last few runs. We ended our trip pretty proud of ourselves.

The airport on our way out of town was pretty frustrating. Apparently there was a huge volleyball tournament this weekend…so there were long-legged teenagers everywhere. They cut through lines, held up lines, it was awful. Luckily I had a few drink tickets in my pocket. Hallelujah!

FOX!  //  Fox up close




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