amaluna and binge watching

My mom and I bought tickets to Cirque Du Soleil’s Amaluna. Going on a weeknight was the best idea ever! We had pretty good seats, until a super huge guy sat in front of me. Like I said, best idea ever, because we were able to move into even better seats where short people problems don’t exist!

The show was pretty amazing. My sister and I had seen “O” while in Vegas a couple years ago, and this was a mini version – a really cool one! There were trapeze artists, parallel bars, contortionists, etc. I started wondering what the performers’ lives are like in this line of work. I’ve read Water for Elephants and Night Circus, which give somewhat of a glimpse, whether accurate or not. 🙂 Do you know of any good blogs, podcasts, or books about circus life?


Speaking of podcasts, a friend of mine turned me onto Serial and I listened to it all week. Pretty sure streaming video has turned us all into binge watchers. 🙂  I’ve never really been into podcasts until this year! I can do a lot with a show playing in my ears.

Something else I binge-watched? Season 2 of Orphan Black. Definitely not as good as the first season…but hopefully the third is back to being awesome. 🙂 I’m just finished Community, too. Recommendations? I’ve been trying to finish “Yes, Please” but it’s not as smooth a read as I expected. Fingers crossed. 🙂



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  1. aw it looks like you had fun! I went to Amaluna back in August, and some nasty usher guy at the venue yelled at us and wouldn't let us take any photos, even selfies even before the show started. The worst! but the show was awesome!

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