Texas in Miami

Throughout my life the holidays have been spent at my grandparents’ house in Miami, Florida. Then why is it that I forget how to pack every time? I guess it’s because I wait until the very last minute? When I am half asleep because I had to wake up extra early after staying out very late at a holiday party the night before?? Because that was definitely the case this time. I was so proud of myself for only packing two pairs of shoes…until I went to wear my boots! Oops. But in all fairness, I am heading to Montana the day after Christmas and will definitely be needing quite a bit of the layers I packed for Miami. 

Langford Market top and tights  //  Shoemint boots  //  Bueno Shop Texas ring and key necklace
Madewell necklace  //  Tumbleweeds sunglasses

Have you ever been to Montana? I’ll be staying with Daniel’s family in Big Sky, near Bozeman. I heard from Daniel’s sister that there are a few breweries in the vicinity. We will be skiing and on the prowl for those [not at the same time!]. This will be my first time skiing! I’ve snowboarded once a year for a few years now – which doesn’t mean much. haha
What else is there to do in the area?? 🙂
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  1. Miami to Montana? That's a tough trip to pack for! No matter how many times I pack I swear I do it wrong 🙂 Sounds like a fun way to spend the holidays!

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