outfit: stars hollow tee strikes again

Gilmore Girls has been getting me through some stressful times lately. I’m so sad to currently be watching the 7th, and final, season! What ever will I do but become attached to yet another Netflixable sitcom!? 🙂 A bloggy friend of mine posted some photos in her “I’d Rather Be Watching Gilmore Girls” sweater – and it’s so true! When I’m really busy at work I catch myself thinking about how it’d be oh-so-nice to be curled up in bed watching Gilmore Girls [see: “burrito“]. Maybe it’s the homey feel of the show, or maybe it’s the high school/college nostalgia kicking in, that makes me wish for a less hectic, less “grown-up” time in my life.

The two Loraleis are obsessed with coffee, kind of nerdy, live in a small town, cute boys, talk fast, kinda crazy – what’s not to like? My mom hated when I’d watch the show, and Daniel does, too. Every once in a while he will interrupt my GG coma and start saying random things at crazy high speeds. “Okay, okay! Go watch some anime or something!” [No offense to those of you who like anime!]

Note the very appropriate coffee cup ring. 🙂

stars hollow tee  //  skirt via uncle’s shop  //  shoemint boots  //  temporary tattoos via sassy steals  //  coffee cup ring  //  sally hansen nail stickers

What should I watch once I finish the show? I need to catch up on Gotham and The Flash. Any other good recs??

p.s. I emailed the winner of the Teabox Express Giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered!!



  1. We've started watching The Flash the other week when we spotted it on NowTV. We finished Downton Abbey this weekend as it was the final episode of the series. We're about to start Season 3 of Elementary but have got to catch up with like the second half of season 2 as we missed it when it aired on TV here,

  2. Yes yes yes yessssssss. I am on season 7 too and made the comment to Reese that I was starting over once I was done. He called me a lunatic (I responded as long sis I am one level below Taylor and one above Kirk I was ok with that… He didn't get it. But you will)

    Clearly I love that shirt and now need to own one!!

    (Also I'm sitting in a profeesh development and reading your post instead of listening to the presenter made my day!)

  3. 'Madame Secretary' is my new fave. Gotham is the other. Im'a stop commenting on how seriously, um, 'good', ('hot', was my 1st choice.), you are looking in this and the last, and, (of course), the next couple , (thousand, I hope), of these. I'm afraid Daniel is gonna' come up here and kick my butt if I don't. 😀 <3

  4. Gilmore girls is my jam! Love the tee 🙂 I used to come home every day from middle school to watch Gilmore Girls at 5pm! I was so happy when they put it on Netflix!

  5. I LOVE THIS!! I feel like I need it in my life. Gilmore Girls is still my all time favorite show. I've been rewatching it on netflix lately too!

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