2014 fall fashion trends

I was invited to a blogger event at Katy Mills Mall this weekend. The presentation started at Neiman Marcus Last Call, where we were shown this fall’s latest trends. I loved so many things! And my mom, being the sweet heart that she is, hooked me up with the fox sweater we were shown, and another top [not shown]. In-store discounts, plus a gift card, made the total about $30. Nice, eh?

Quilted pieces.

Knit dresses, green.

My mom did a bit of shopping, too!

The next stop was Michael Kors. My mom and I drooled over such pretty colors! There were definitely some options in our price range [thank you, outlet mall!], but I saved myself for a Kate Spade bag at our next stop!

Pretending to be “fency” [how my mom says “fancy” with her Cuban accent!].

Kate Spade bags – so cute!

Our last stop was Saks Off 5th. Sabrina, the event planner, showed us some of her top picks, which I absolutely loved! That jacket is amazing…I wonder if they make it in a petite size…I often struggle with coats because no matter how cute, I look like a 5 year old wearing my parents’ clothing.

Leather trend. Is leather ever not trending??

The full list of “In style this Fall 2014”:
Green  //  Knit dresses  //  Fur, leather [faux, vegan, real], shearling  //  Quilted pieces  //  Gray
Boots  //  Bucket bags and backpacks  //  Crimson [like ox blood, etc]  //  Fringe

The event was a lot of fun, and I hadn’t been to Katy Mills in a while, so was able to check out the new stores, and shop a bit with my mom! Definitely acquired some styling ideas! For example, tassle necklaces seem to be happening, as well. Probably because of the whole fringe kick – shoes, purses, clothes…jewelry!

I’ve never talked or thought this much about the details of specific fashions before. All of the information was surprisingly interesting. šŸ™‚ I’m especially excited about the crimson trend, considering my new hat and boots are in that category! What’s your favorite fall trend?


p.s. this giveaway ends today!!


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