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So…I admit it. I love pizza. Daniel and I have such crazy schedules, that often times, when there’s nothing left in the fridge and we are hungry, pizza is the answer. And then there is the whole guilt bit that comes with inhaling all of that carby, cheesy goodness. UNTIL. I recently got to try Chef Anthony Russo’s gluten-free pizza. The pizza bakes quickly, is very tasty, and makes enough for two!

These frozen pizzas came in very handy while Daniel and I were remodeling the floors in our house. We could barely access the refrigerator and the counters were covered in boxes, glasses, and tools! These were the perfect quickie meals we could consume in the backyard after a long day of work, as the floor installers got to work. A couple of the pizzas had meat on them, which I removed and replaced with veggie sausage – very easy to doctor. I probably shouldn’t have teased my dogs by eating on the floor. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chef Anthony Russo’s Gluten Free Pizza

Thanks to Russo’s New York Pizzeria for offering to send me a few pizzas. I’m kind of excited to visit the restaurant near my parents’ home. ๐Ÿ™‚ If frozen pizza is this tasty I can only imagine the freshly prepared pies!

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  1. Thanks, I'll check this out. I recently had some gluten free crust and was told the calories were double that of wheat crust – joy, something else for me to look into!

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