milkmaid braids and neat things

1. Guess what! A company you may know [see: ōlloclip!] has featured me on their packaging! I’m extremely flattered and look forward to the day when someone orders a lens and texts me with, “Hey! Is this you on the package?!”

HEY LOOK! A “Stars Hollow” t-shirt!

2. Speaking of my Stars Hollow tee, I was stalking perusing ModCloth recently and stumbled upon this amazing comment. AMAZING.

3. Lastly, and most importantly, a friend of mine graciously donated her handmade talents in the form of three little origami flowers [glazed and sturdy enough for accessorizing!]. And the packaging is crazy adorable, too!

Little Ray of Sunflower roses

This was my first attempt at milkmaid braides! I’m not too fond of the name…I can’t believe I’ve never really tried styling my hair. All these years, wasted!

1. Split hair down the middle [I need help with this].  //  2. Braid both sides and tie with hair bands.  //  3. Pull one braid over your head and pin down.  //  4. Pull the second braid over the end of the first band and pin down. [and remove the second hair band – the bobby pins should work well enough!]  //  5. Accessorize with cute little flowers!

I didn’t use hair spray, but highly recommend it – hello fly-aways!
Do you have any other tips? Or hairstyles you can recommend? I made a whole Pinterest board about beautiful hair and stare at it without attempting any. Oops!




  1. I love this whole post! That's so exciting that olloclip featured one of your pictures on their packaging..not just their website or anything!! I've seen on Pinterest, having hair down and bangs down, and braiding a small chunk of hair and putting it over your head, like a headband made of your own hair. Pinning it was a bit difficult, as I was trying to not let the bobby pins show. Can I link you to what I'm talking about?

    This is my version:

    This is Pinterest version:

    It could also look super pretty with those gorgeous flower pins – hope I win ;P

  2. Oh my gosh, that's how you make milkmaid braids? That seems pretty easy! (Apart from the splitting your hair down the middle, that's impossible without help, surely?)
    You look adorable, and I love the cute little roses!

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