Wyatt, the Golden Retriever

I spent the weekend dog-sitting for a friend. The pup I took care of actually isn’t in these photos. He’s a pretty old man and prefers to be alone on his futon. Little old man chihuahua dog. I was glad to be able to stay in town [thought not at home], but it was a whole lot of driving back and forth between my house and my friend’s house to make sure Sancho [little old man dog] was getting his medicine, meals, and pee pee time. On Monday I drove to my parents’ house for a visit and ended up taking a nap or two. The whole situation made me worry a bit about my dogs’ futures [especially because I took Buster to the vet today – just a check up!] but I suppose thinking about these things doesn’t help. Just focus on the time you do have with your furry friends. 🙂

Floozy, the rescued street dog.

Dexter, another rescued street dog.

ModCloth boots  //  Langford Market shorts
Batzy Rockshop top



  1. They're so adorable! I always worry about Gunner going before me, my husband, and our future kids. It breaks my heart every time! Dexter has the same markings as my pup, just totally the 1/4 size version 😉

  2. Rescue dogs are the best! I love the name Floozy for a dog too haha. We have 2 mutts and I try not to think about how long they'll be with us because we love them so. I hope they live a good long while so our baby will remember them when she gets older. She loves dogs and her first (and pretty much still her only) word was "woof!".

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